Troy Greenberg is the President of Greenberg Casework Co. Inc. which is a part of. He has been in business since 1985 producing just about anything made from wood. Like many small businesses, he started in his dad's garage so it would only make sense to produce high quality garage cabinets.

3 Garage Makeovers You Must See Before Starting Yours

The president of talks about the seven benefits of having your garage storage system powder coated. Even though powder coating has been around for years, a lot of people don’t know that in order to have the best garage storage system, it needs to be powder coated for it to last you a very long time.

What Are WorkSpace Garage Cabinets Made Of ? And Why are they Better?

What are WorkSpace Cabinets® Made out of ?  And 7 Advantages to these materials Powder Coated Doors & Drawer FrontsWorkSpace Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are very unique.  Powder coating is very common on metal, almost everything you buy that is metal has been powder coated, and for good reason.  It is extremely durable and scratch resistant. …

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The Exact 7 Step Process We Use To Manufacture Your WorkSpace Garage Cabinets In The U.S.

The Exact 7 Step Process We Use To Manufacture Your WorkSpace Garage Cabinets In The U.S.Yep, we’re still manufacturing right here in the U.S. I know it may come as a shock to you seeing as most other cabinet brands are manufactured outside the country and shipped via container ship to a giant warehouse out …

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Garage Wall Storage

Don’t forget your garage walls! Garage wall storage is essential to maximize your storage. Just about everything on your floor now can have a new home on your garage wall with our wide selection of slatwall panel accessories. Bikes, tools, holiday decor and even tires can be stored on your garage wall.

Garage Storage Solutions in Maryland

Karen B. of Maryland reached out to for help in designing her new garage interior. The garage storage solutions we proposed were perfect for her needs and she is very happy with the end result. serves the entire US. Your online order today equals a custom-built order shipped directly to you within a week. It doesn’t get better than that when you are ready for a fast garage upgrade!

Garage Storage Systems

Garage storage was a bid deal for Matt C. in California. His garage was clean, but not organized to suit him. The overload of boxes, bins, and stacked items made entry to the family vehicle nearly impossible. It’s no wonder his car was easily scratched from the unorganized clutter in his garage. WorkSpace Garage Cabinets solved his garage storage problems!

Former Office and Workshop Becomes Contemporary Loft

Former Office and Workshop Becomes Contemporary LoftDutch architects took an office structure in Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands, into a 2,153 square foot contemporary loft called Loft 64. The bathroom, storage room and kitchen are all clustered together in one central timber volume, creating the visual impression of open space. The architects installed several skylights and …

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WorkSpace Garage Cabinets Even Work When All You Have For Storage Space Is A Corner

Organized Garage Images – Tired of Your Garage? This May Help!

Take a look at these ten garage makeover photos. Each garage had different storage problems to solve. Whether you are dealing with too many tools (Is that even possible?), oodles of sporting goods or lots of hobbies, there is a garage storage solution for you. Each of these organized garage images shows how smart storage can make your life so much easier!

A Sports Fan's Garage Organized With WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

The Best Garage Storage Systems to See Now!

See these successful garage storage solutions. It’s a proven fact that clutter adds chaos to your life. Unorganized space leaves one feeling uneasy and anxious. Garages are no different than your living space. Instead of stacking boxes and hiding stuff in the garage, get it organized and looking good for your peace of mind. It’s now easy for these homeowners to find what they need in a hurry without searching through the whole garage!