Remodeling for the Long Run: Aging-in-Place Renovations – Door County Pulse

When they bought this house it was going to be their forever home. No matter how much they aged, they could just renovate it to accommodate themselves. They built a ramp into their home instead of steps, this could be useful for walkers and for wheelchairs. There is also a place to sit down in the shower so they can be more comfortable. They also replaced the door knobs with door handles since they are much easier to open.

Key Takeaways:

  • Their house was supposed to be their last house, and because of this, they started renovations.
  • They redid the walkway, which used to be stairs, and is now a ramp, as well as the shower, now has a place to sit.
  • One thing that you might not think of is changing all knobs to handles as they are easier to open.

“The concept is called aging in place, and the Zettels are hardly alone in their planning. Jeff Dorner, designer and estimator at Van’s Lumber & Custom Builders – the contractor for the Zettels’ renovation – said that at least 20 percent of his projects involve aging-in-place design.”

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