3 Garage Makeovers You Must See Before Attempting Yours

Tired of looking for things in your garage? . . . Embarrassed to have your garage door open?

If you answered YES! to either of those questions, you probably still have one other burning question: Where do I begin?

One of the keys to getting your garage in shape and regaining your space, is getting as much as possible off the floor and into designated locations. Using your walls for storage could double or triple your available storage area. When each item has its own assigned place, you can find it easily and put it back where it belongs for next time.

Organization requires a well thought out plan and a flexible solution that can adapt as your life circumstances change.  Making the right decisions at this point will be a major factor in whether your garage remains organized or not.

Looking for some ideas?

Below are a 3 examples of well organized and well planned garage makeovers:

1. The Practical Garage...

In most cases, you're not going to need a great big wall to wall, floor to ceiling storage solution to get the garage organized. Take the garage pictured below for example. There are several elements to it that make it simple, efficient, and practical. That's what I like about it and something the Slaters were going for when they worked with one of our project managers on the design. They came to us with a goal of getting as much stuff off their garage floor as possible and having it neatly organized on the wall instead. Let's take a look at some of the main features:

  • What’s a garage without a workbench area? The homeowners opted for a small but useful 48” workbench area for working on various projects in the garage. The durable maple butcher block counter top provides an excellent work surface and the slat wall just above is perfect for storing various hand and power tools.
  • Staying within budget was a top priority for the Slaters (as I’m sure many of us can relate to). Slat wall panels and accessories are quality (yet affordable) solutions; perfect for hanging things like lawn and garden tools or fold up chairs.
  • Wood garage cabinets can also serve as a great lower cost way to improve garage organization and storage!
  • One last thing I’d like to point out here that is all too often overlooked is the hose reel in the middle of the picture. How many of us can relate to tripping over a hose laying out somewhere?

2. The Small Garage...

Who says a small garage can’t offer great storage? That’s exactly what the Hillsborough, NJ homeowners had in mind when they sought out our help. They were looking for a complete storage system that would help get the garage organized and show their team spirit. They just so happen to be huge New Jersey Devils fans and have the team’s logo inlaid into their garage floor! Here are some of the main features of this garage:

  • This garage workbench area utilizes a strong black urethane counter top and the slat wall on the back wall creates the perfect place for storing tools.
  • When working with such a small space, maximizing use of the area is imperative. Overhead garage storage is a great option for storing seasonal boxes and things that are not used regularly.
  • Ladders are big, bulky, heavy, and can be difficult to store. With the proper storage solution, however, you can easily hang ladders of varying sizes on the wall.

3. The Fully Laid Out Garage…

Though it doesn’t make sense for everyone, there are situations when wall to wall, floor to ceiling storage solutions are needed to get the garage organized. Take my garage for example. I needed lots of storage space in the garage to help keep the kids’ outside toys, winter gear, and sports equipment organized; give my wife a place to store all the stuff she finds for a great deal (though we may not have a use for it at the moment); and room to organize some of my stuff too. Check out some of the main features that were incorporated:

  • It was essential for me that we had lots of counter top space for working on projects with the kids and alone.
  • Slatwall panels and basket accessories turned out to be a good way to organize sports equipment.
  • The coat hooks by the door make it easy for the kids to come home and hang their coats immediately; instead of dropping it wherever they take it off. Plus, it helps to keep the inside of the house organized as well.

With A Little Help . . . A Clean & Organized Garage Can Double or Even Triple Your Storage Space!

And be sure to read more about the process we use to manufacture your Work Space garage cabinets so you can see if our product is the right fit for you!