Two Ways to a Faster Insulated Remodel

Two Ways to a Faster Insulated Remodel

Older homes are typically not equipped with insulation on the exterior. Remodeling provides an opportunity to add insulation to these houses. By doing so, thermal efficiency is significantly increased by heat reduction loss. This is usually a process done in two steps. First, rigid foil insulation is installed, followed by wall sheathing. The installed system keeps the water and moisture out, in addition to providing thermal loss management. Not using the house-wrap is another benefit of this process.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of a proprietary system called Zip System R-sheathing allows the homeowner to surround the existing home in a new thermal envelope.
  • Similar to overlaying existing walls with the Zip System, a homeowner can also demolish existing walls and replace with the sheathing system.
  • Both options will have big payoff in energy savings, thermal performance, and moisture control of the exterior walls.

“By helping prevent this excess heat loss, continuous exterior insulation helps increase the overall energy efficiency of the home.”

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