Two Great Business Opportunities 

Which program is right for you?

With two great programs from which to choose, which one is best for you? Read the detailed information below to help you make a decision. If you meet the qualifications listed in the program of your choice just fill out the form below and submit it. We’ll be in touch to discuss details and get you started. Dealer Program

You'll be able buy directly from our website with discounts on all Garage Cabinet products… WorkSpace Garage Cabinets, slatwall and accessories, as well as other storage products. You set your final price for the garage cabinets and installation.

You're a good candidate for the program if...

  You are a floor coating contractor or building contractor and want to be able to offer garage cabinets to your customers
  You are a remodeler who sees opportunity in garage remodeling
You are a part-time entrepreneur who is looking for a nice niche market to grow into

The program offers:

  No long-term commitment or requirements
  No inventory  Order when you need it
  No upfront or franchise fees
  Special Dealer pricing on garage cabinets & storage products
  Products shipped direct to you in about a week
  It’s your business - you set the pricing

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

We offer custom designed garage cabinetry that will solve every customers needs.

Our WorkSpace® built-to-order garage cabinets are a great high-quality alternative to garage cabinets found in big-box stores. These are not off-the-shelf solutions or inferior cabinets that are shipped from overseas! WorkSpace Garage Cabinets offer quality storage at an affordable price.

  Built-to-order garage cabinets
  40+ garage cabinet choices
  5 powder-coated door and drawer colors
  4 melamine box colors
  Choice of butcher block or black polyureathane countertops
  10 Year Warranty on cabinets
  Lifetime Warranty on hardware
  Fast turn-around – ships in a week or less
  Made in the U.S.A.

Requirements to become a Dealer

You must be in business to quality to become a dealer. A contractor's license, resale ID or anything else that proves you're in business is all we need.

If you qualify, signing up is simple. Fill out the form below. We'll contact you for more information. Next, you'll create an account on our Garage Cabinet Store (just like a customer). The next time you log on to your account, your dealer pricing will show. It's that simple. Order the products you want direct from the garage cabinet manufacturer and we'll ship them to you (at dealer prices, of course).

Authorized  Agent Program

As an Authorized RedLine Agent you’ll be responsible to create a design for your customer, order materials from us and install the products. We’ll provide training, software, and ongoing support. We’ll manufacture everything on receipt of your order and ship it to you.

You're a good candidate for the Authorized Agent program if...

  You have a full time business in garage remodeling
  You have a full time remodeling business and want to garage remodeling to your business
  Your goal is to completely transform garages floor to ceiling for your customers
You are serious about your business, not just as a part-time business or a hobby

The Authorized RedLine Agent offers these benefits:

  No inventory requirements  Order what and when you need it
  No franchise fees  No royalties or minimal orders
  Protected territory  You’ll be an independent dealer with your own protected territory
  More than 500 custom-built cabinets engineered for garages
    plus our beautiful and durable cabinets for closets and home
  Easy-to-use software Design, create a quote and generate a parts list
•  Short lead times  We ship your custom-built order within a week
  Training and support  Start-up & ongoing training and support

Premium Custom-Built Cabinets

Garage slatwall, accessories and powder coated garage cabinets make up this revamped dream garage.

Premium custom-built garage cabinets offer wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage with a huge selection of standard and specialty cabinets. These are great looking high quality cabinets that can be customized to make maximum use of any space, and will last a lifetime.

  Custom-built to your specification
  500+ standard and specialty garage cabinet choices
  11 powder-coated colors on all exterior surfaces
  Wall-hung, off-the-floor design
  Lifetime Warranty on cabinets and hardware
  Choice of butcher block or black polyureatane countertops
  Fast turn-around – ships in week or less
  Made in the U.S.A.

Requirements to become an Authorized Agent

There are a few requirements to becoming an Authorized Agent. You must be in business or starting a business. Once you qualify, you must remain an active Agent to keep your status. There are sales minimums that you must meet. Also, you must be actively marketing our premium custom-built garage cabinets and/or our closet systems.

To find out more about this business opportunity and becoming an Agent, fill out the form below. We’ll be in contact to discuss details.