Warranty Information and Cabinet Maintenance

Lifetime Warranty on WorkSpace Cabinets

10 Year Warranty on WorkSpace Cabinets

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets are warranted for a lifetime from the date of purchase when installed and maintained following instructions. We will repair or replace defective products or defects in material or workmanship.

To qualify, cabinets must be properly installed and in the possession of the original owner. Covered items include cabinet doors, cabinet boxes, and work surfaces. Minor scratches, dents, nicks and scuffs are normal wear and are not covered. Deliberate or excessive abuse is not covered.

Overloading shelves, which causes bowing of the shelves, is also not covered. Maximum recommended weight capacity is 50 lbs per shelf, including the cabinet top and bottom shelf.

Cabinet Maintenance 

Cleaning the cabinets is an important step to have your cabinets looking the best. That is why we highly recommend using warm water with a little bit of dish soap to clean your cabinets. Please do not use Windex or any harsh cleaning chemicals.

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

All WorkSpace hardware is covered by Lifetime Warranty.

To qualify, cabinets must be the original, unmodified installation and in the possession of the original owner.

Lifetime Warranty include hinges, drawer slides,  pulls, legs, cams.  Excessive weight and deliberate or excessive abuse is not covered. 

Caution: Do Not Store Chlorine Inside the Cabinets

Storing Chlorine inside your cabinets will cause the hinges and any metal fasteners to rust.

Chlorine can be corrosive to certain metals. When chlorine gas dissolves in water, it forms hydrochloric acid, which can corrode metals such as iron, steel, and copper. This corrosion can be accelerated with the presence of moisture and oxygen in the air. It's important to consider the potential corrosive effects of chlorine when storing it.

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