How To Get the Industrial-Farmhouse Look on a Budget

A lot of people want industrial farmhouse décor but don't have the money to shell out for heavy home makeovers. Doing it yourself can save a lot of money by using pipes from SteelTek. You can get these at any Lowes and it allows you to style your home the way you have always dreamed. You can start with some decorative shelves and work your way towards a modern candelabra. You can add a rustic bookshelf, napkin holder, and more storage options in your kitchen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmhouse involves a lot of sleek design and that is where SteelTek comes in because it's affordable.
  • You can integrate these steel lines into your life building a book case and a candle holder.
  • There is actually a handmade shoe rack and a night stand that is made from Steeltek.

“Get inspired by the many projects showcased on the SteelTek website and blog, including these nine farmhouse favorites. All of these projects can be accomplished in a few hours, with minimal parts, and maximum impact when placed in your entryway, kitchen, or living room.”

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