New Jersey Homeowner Comes Up With Their Own Small Garage Storage Ideas

Sometimes it seems like it's hard to come up with small garage storage ideas. In some ways, it might make sense to think a small, one car garage would be less prone to clutter due to its tiny stature. But on a second thought, there is no advantage in having space deficiency.

The less space you have, the more likely you are to need some sort of storage solution to prevent clutter build up. 

A homeowner in New Jersey, realized his garage needed a complete garage storage system. His small one car garage did not allow him to store much.

Due to limited space, the homeowner’s goal was to maximize the storage space as well as make the area look good. But the challenge was to do so in a very limited space only 200 square feet.

Garage storage cabinets, slat wall panels and an overhead storage rack were all incorporated. There was even some wall space left to spare, despite the limited space.

No matter what, you always want to have a garage storage organization you can be proud of.

Installation Breakdown

Garage Cabinets

The homeowner chose our affordable and great looking WorkSpace storage cabinets

Three cabinets is what makes up the New Jersey homeowner's workbench. Having a four drawer unit, one of our specialty parts bin pullouts and a two door unit. A black urethane Impact Coating countertop was added to complete the workbench.

There are three upper cabinets attached to the wall above the base units for extra storage. The upper cabinets are shallower than the base units (only 12” deep). This allows no interference when working on projects on the workbench.

small garage storage ideas


In addition, between the base and upper cabinets is a custom sized slat wall panel. The homeowner can store any number of tools or other items they want to keep within reach. 

The front door and drawer were powder-coated in the color 'New Burgundy'. On the top, bottom and side panels of the cabinet box have black commercial grade thermofused melamine.

Overhead Storage

Often times, when it comes to thinking about garage storage ideas we don't think about the ceiling. This homeowner installed an 8' W x 4’ D overhead storage rack right above the workbench. This allows storage for a variety of items like storage boxes or sports equipment.


On the left wall (if you're looking at the garage from the outside) there is 16 ft of HandiWall slat wall panels. Handiwall plays a big role in coming up with small garage storage ideas. 

For the garage walls, a mix of loop and double hook slat wall accessories are being used with the slat wall panels. With these hooks you can store shovels, rakes, brooms and even a ladder. All this still leaves plenty of room to store more stuff on the slat wall.

Garage Floor

The finishing touch for this project was the installation of the polyaspartic flooring. The 'Blue Trout' chip finish matches well with the the entire garage look. But garage floor coatings aren't installed for the good looks only. It has three times the chemical resistance and hardness of standard epoxy flooring. The bond between the concrete floor and the polyaspartic coating prevents it from peeling or cracking. In addition, with its fast drying, the homeowner was able to use the garage again the very next day.

No matter the size of the garage, clutter will always exist. It is important you come up with garage storage solutions.

Want to Get Rid of Clutter?

Don't worry if you don't have any garage storage ideas. We understand clutter is everywhere. It doesn't matter if you have a small 200 sq. ft. garage or you have a massive 800 sq. ft. We also know that there's not always money to make a big purchase such as garage storage cabinets but that's why there are ways in organizing your garage on a budget.

Coming up with small garage storage ideas may be difficult but can help you start your project. We have project managers available to help you right away. 

Start your online design now and transform your garage in no time.