Garage Storage Solutions in Maryland

A mix of different cabinet data-lazy-sizes solved this garage storage problem.

Karen B. of Maryland is also another happy and satisfied client of Because of our easy process, we recently completed some garage upgrades for Karen and the results are awesome. 

When it's about quality, reliability and efficient garage storage solutions, Workspace Garage Cabinets is a trusted name that guarantees a successful outcome. Check out our blog post on Getting The Best Garage Cabinets Without Spending a Ton of Money for more information..

The process is convenient and easy, and Karen B. can attest to this. Karen used our Online Design Tool to start her custom garage cabinet order.  First, she changed her initial design after brainstorming with our Project Manager. They uncovered some additional unmet goals for her storage dilema. At the end, she is very happy with how the design turned out. Not to mention the cost savings in purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Karen’s garage transforms from a cluttered, dark mess to a totally new look with clean lines and durable cabinets, built to last. Among the other benefits, garage upgrades such as Karen's can increase the value of your home!

Unused wall space gave us lots of opportunity for garage storage solutions.
Unfinished floors were the perfect candidate for epoxy flooring.

Free Online Design Tool

When a customer comes up with new garage storage ideas and decides to make them happen, should be their first stop.  The ordering process is always seamless and speed of delivery is second to none.  Over 80 garage cabinet choices, the toughest part is making your final decision. Our Online Design Tool helps get organizational ideas into an accurately scaled visual for consideration. This platform allows you to see problems and also opportunities within your vision.  It’s no fun to find a design miscalculation down the road after installation.  Planning your garage storage system with our design tool helps see how your ideas plan out and whether they make sense. Easily move individual cabinets around and add or subtract to the base plan.  Plus, the cost calculates along the way, so there are no surprises at checkout with

Workspace garage cabinets were custom built for Karen B.

DIY Ready Garage Storage Solution

When submitting an order, our Project Manager touches base with you to ensure that the design is complete and nothing, such has necessary hardware, is forgotten.  You may unknowingly overlook an important installation part.  We want your order to arrive complete with everything needed to install with no delay for missing parts.  No order is processed without mutual confirmation that all calculations and cabinet sizes are correct. 

Karen’s order shipped out only a week after ordering.  What? Yes, this is true!  It took less than a week for WorkSpace Garage Cabinets to custom build the diy garage cabinets configured by Karen with our Design Tool. Her order arrived via UPS Freight, straight to her door and ready for the DIY install.

An array of cabinets solved Karen's storage issue and brightened her dismal garage.

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