Organizing Your Garage On A Budget

Organizing your garage on a budget may seem a little difficult. You may think that buying garage storage cabinets is the only way to have an organized space. Well, you're wrong... 

There's a variety of affordable garage storage solutions you can use that will work just as good as having cabinets.

I understand that buying cabinets is a big commitment. A commitment you don't have to take if you are not ready.

Not a lot of us have the money to buy diy garage cabinets. But getting your garage organized doesn't have to be an expensive purchase.

In fact, I'll tell you how easy it is organizing your garage on a budget.

You'll be mad that you didn't think about these ideas sooner.

Slat Wall Panels

You may not have thought about it but you can use your garage walls as storage. You can install slat wall panels to your garage wall so you can hang just about anything. Hanging your things on your wall is a great way to keep them off your garage floor.

Slat wall panels are moisture, water, and scratch resistant. Plus the panel profile helps prohibit water puddles from occurring within the slats. Installing the slat wall is also very easy. The panels screw directly into the studs of your garage walls.

The slat wall panels are made of 100% recyclable PVC material.

Creative Mechanisms says "PVC in particular has very high density for a plastic making it extremely hard and generally very strong."

With that being said, you can hang just about anything on your slat wall due to material it is made of.

The slat wall is available in 10 different colors. All slat wall comes with color matching screws and trim as well. 

Choosing the color you want allows you to combine it with the color the inside of your garage or maybe the color of your cars. Having it all match makes your garage so much more attractive.

The panels can also be cut to the size you need. This way you can install the panels anywhere you want inside your garage. It doesn't matter if your garage is big or small.

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Slat Wall Accessories

In order for you to hang anything on your slat wall, you need slat wall accessories. There are a variety of accessories you can choose from. You can add shelves, bins, baskets, tool holders, sporting equipment racks, and much more.

Now that you know there are slat wall accessories, I bet you’re anxious to know what you can store on these, huh? Well, here are a few ideas.


Whether you need to store one or six bicycles, slat wall panels and accessories make it easy.

A horizontal bike rack is perfect for the avid biker. With the horizontal bike rack you don't have to lean your bike against the wall or leave it lying on the garage floor. The accessory lets you hang your bike on the wall without taking in any space in your garage. 

The bike rack also gives you a place to put your helmet, water bottle a basket to put all your other biking accessories.

Sports Equipment 

A lot us of put our sports equipment in the garage. You probably throw your sports ball in the floor and you hope you can find your tennis ball later. Or you pray your basketball doesn't wake up flat because a nail got in it.

Realistically, these are things that we face when putting our sports balls in the garage. And what about the golf clubs, baseball bats or fishing poles? Those are also tough things to store.

All those scenarios are some of the things that a slat wall helps you avoid.

There are sports equipment accessories that go right on your slat wall. The accessories give you space to store equipment for any number of sports.

Maybe you and your family play a variety of sports. You can purchase a multi-sport equipment rack that lets you store all the sport balls you have as well as your baseball bats and skating shoes.

Also, you can add a fishing rod holder specifically for your fishing poles. You're poles will be organized at all times without it being exposed to damage. 

No matter what sport you play, there is a slat wall accessory for it.

Lawn and Garden Tools

Tired of tripping over that rake every single time you head out to the car? Slat wall panels and accessories are perfect for storing rakes, as well as other lawn and garden tools.

There are a variety of hooks for storing shovels, push brooms, rakes and any number of other long handled tools.

You can buy all the accessories individually or there are accessories kits. The accessories come with a variety of racks to help you store leaf blower, power extensions, chairs, or even a ladder. 

Hand Tools 

Do you struggle to keep track of your hammer, screwdriver, and other tools? Do you find yourself having to buy or borrow tools you know you have but just can’t find? You can store all your tools in one place using slat wall accessories. Just like the sports equipment, there are racks specifically designed for those tools. 

You can buy accessories kits that help you store your leaf blower, power extensions, chairs, or even a ladder. 

Anything you need, guaranteed there is a solution for it. If you ever need help figuring out how to store a certain thing, contact a project manager so they can help you out.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what you can do with slat wall panels and accessories. Be sure to check out the full line-up of panels and accessories.

Overhead Storage Racks

One of the most overlooked storage areas in the garage is the storage space offered by the ceiling. What most people don’t realize is that there are storage solutions available that allow you to take advantage of the ceiling space.

Overhead storage racks are great for storing things neatly and efficiently. It’s the perfect solution for storing boxes, seasonal items, and many other things. You are probably placing all this things on your garage floor. Not having your garage floor clean, can cause you to hate yourself later.

The overhead racks are made entirely of steel and have a durable powder coat finish. All of the storage racks have adjustable heights and are available in a number of dimensions to accommodate nearly any space.

Get started

Your garage will never look the same. Once you get all that gear organized and off the garage floor, you will be surprised at how much extra space you have.

Download the garage makeover guide below and grab more ideas about all the things you can do to your garage.

Organizing your garage on a budget ended not being so hard after all...

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