Garage Storage Organization You Can Be Proud Of

It's no secret that only a few homeowners have an effective garage storage solution. Most people don't see the garage as an enjoyable place to be. Honestly, I don't either. My garage is always cold, dark and unorganized. Would you wanna be in a room that are those three things?  

Today, I sat down and thought about the value my garage gives or takes from my entire house value. If I ever want to sell my house, will someone be willing to buy? When someone is looking to buy a house, it's most likely they are looking for a house that has a garage. I don't blame them. I love having the convenience of a garage in my house. 

Don't be disappointed If you find the perfect home but doesn't have the perfect garage. Every garage has a solution.


Take a look at this homeowner that recently bought a house and ended up with a pretty messy garage.

Martin F. from North Carolina recently moved into his new home. He bought his house knowing that the garage was in poor condition. Clutter and tools filled the entire floor. That's when Martin saw an opportunity for garage storage plans. He thought of ways he could transform it and make it an enjoyable part of the house. Few people think about the garage is an enjoyable place but it well could be. 

Martin came up with creative garage organization ideas by using our online design tool. This tool allowed him to design his garage storage system by his own needs. He was able to choose the amount of cabinets he wanted, the size and color. A slat wall was also added to hang some of his bigger tools. He had a say in every decision he made. When ever he got stuck on something, he would consult it with one of our online project managers. 

Once he placed his order, the cabinets shipped out within a week.

Epoxy Flooring

Martin knew he wanted to do more to his garage than just add a garage storage cabinets. He wanted to transform his garage completely. 

A big part of having that was to have it visually appealing. Martin then decided he was going to add epoxy flooring to his garage. He immediately hired someone to do it for him since it's recommended a professional does it. The flooring have to go hand in hand with the color of the garage cabinets. That's why he chose a beige and gray color for his flooring. 

Martin fixed the floor before adding the cabinets.

Installing Garage Cabinets & Slatwall

So after a week goes by after placing order, Martin receives his cabinets and slatwall by UPS Freight. They arrive in a large crate to help support and protect the material during shipping.

He opens up the crate and reads the instructions to begin installation. All cabinets are pre-drilled for a speedy installation process. Martin immediately installs his own cabinets because it's that easy. The only help he got was from the instructions that came in the box. It's that easy.

Martin also bought slat wall accessories to be able to hang any tools he wanted on his new slat wall.

End Result

Look at the picture below and see how beautiful Martin's garage turned into. The color he chose for his cabinets is Pewter with white boxes. His wall paint, cabinets and floor all look aesthetically pleasing. Now, he can enjoy his new house with his newly remodeled garage. Not only did he make the right decision of having a garage storage organization, but he designed it and also assembled it himself!

Martin's Garage from North Carolina is one out of many Garage Designs by A simple garage modification can enhance the beauty of your entire house. When you're thinking about a garage makeover, don't think about having to spend extra money. Think about what it will mean to you and the value it adds to your home. No one wants to walk into a garage that doesn't have a floor from all your stuff laying on the floor. Don't worry if you don't have the money to spend on the cabinets. Here are some other ideas for organizing your garage on a budget.

 Click the link below to start planning your garage. It's free and no commitment. But we believe you'll be committed in transforming your garage into something like Martin did.