All Dream Garages Must Include A Garage Workbench With Storage

What is more important than having a garage workbench with storage

Having a garage workbench with storage allows you to store all types of tools and accessories in your garage without it looking like a mess. But the best thing about it is that you can work on all your projects all in the same spot.

A lot of times when we are working on a project right on our workbench and we need some sort of tools. It is such a struggle having to move around your garage to get the tools you need when they can all be in one same spot.

That's why a general contractor in Lakeville, Minnesota, named Dan, thought it was time to make his dream garage happen.

Brainstorming the Project

Because of his professional background, this contractor knew exactly that he needed a long workbench area and lots of storage. Having a workbench in his garage would let him work on multiple large projects.

He needed his garage to be a functional space for detailing and working on his cars.

When you are undertaking a big job like your dream garage, you need to do things right with a pro. That's why Dan decided to work with

A project manager from was able to assist Dan in every step of the way. Dan told his project manager that his garage was 756 sq. ft. and that he needed cabinets, countertops, and slatwall panels for this job.

He needed plenty of drawers to store 100's of tools he's collected over the years like: hand and power tools, car cleaning supplies, garden tools and home pantry supplies (paper towel, cleaners, etc.).


The project manager starts by brainstorming ideas and sent Dan some proposed sketches. 

The sketches give Dan a good idea of what his garage will look like and if there is anything he would liked changed.

Before Dan settles in for his final colors. He was sent a garage makeover kit to his house that would allow him to see what the color actually looks like in person.

Dan ended up choosing the his cabinets to be grey melamine and pewter Powdercoated MDF.

The unique thing about is that you build your cabinets on your own. You don't need any expert help because of it's easy assembly and installation.   

So that's exactly what Dan did and the results are beautiful. 

Dan's Dream Garage

Like we said, garage workbenches had to be in Dan's dream garage. Using the most amount of space possible is what's going to make this garage much more resourceful.

Back Garage Wall 

Dan's back wall measures 33 ft. 8 in. On the back wall there is a 113 1/4"W workbench with a maple butch block countertop. 

Putting his workbench at the back wall allows him to work on his projects with all the space he needs. It's very important to have as much free space as possible, that way Dan is comfortable when working on his projects.

Under the countertop there is a 16 1/2"W 5 drawer base unit, two 32 1/4"W 5 drawer base units, and a two door base cabinet with a sink. This garage storage system is An Easy Way To Have Garage Tool Storage That Works.

The sink is a great addition to any garage whether it being cleaning a mop or your grill grates. You can clean all dirty and messy things inside your garage without getting the inside of your house dirty. In reality, having a sink in your garage saves you some other chores in the long run.

On the upper part of the workbench are three 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 16"D and one 16 1/2"W x 31"H x 16"D upper cabinets.


Black slatwall panels fill the space between the workbench and the upper cabinets. 

Slatwall is a wall-hung shelving storage solution. You can hang a variety of things on it like a screwdriver, storage bins, or even a ladder. Dan can use this space to store things he uses constantly like a screwdriver or nails.

There is also some more slatwall installed to the right of the workbench area. 

From the picture below, you can see you a roll holder so he can dry his hands after using the sinks. He also has multiple slatwall accessories where he can store gardening tools or cleaning supplies, just to name a few.

Below this slatwall is a utility sink that is placed on the floor. You'll often see yourself that the regular sinks limit you from doing a lot of things you can do in the small sink.

It is much more easier to fill buckets of water when you have a sink as low as this one that Dan has. It is a great idea to have these two types of sinks in a garage. Especially if you are a handyman.

Additional Storage Space

If you continue to move further right from the slatwall, you see more storage.

There are three 32 1/4"W x 24"H x 24"D upper cabinets installed above one 32 1/4"W x 75"H x 16"D tall unit. 

These garage storage cabinets are placed perfect. Dan and his family can place their coats or boots in here before heading inside their home. It's a great idea to place some kind of garage storage system right next to your home entry door.

The three 32 1/4"W x 24"H x 24"D upper cabinets on this back wall were originally meant for the left wall. After attempting to install the 24"H cabinets, before he realized they would not be tall enough to reach the ceiling as he had hoped. He decided to order an extra three 31"H upper cabinets and move the 24"H units to the back wall.

Left Garage Wall

The left wall of Dan's garage measures 23 ft. 4 in. This wall also has plenty more space to install another garage storage system.

On the left side of the left wall it was decided to add a garage wall storage.

The slatwall is right before the garage door which makes it a great place to store gardening tools. Dan bought a couple 4' loop hooks that allow him to hang things like a hose, or extension cords. This also created the perfect spot for hanging a large ladder. 

On the other side of the window there are three 32 1/4"W x 75"H x 24"D tall cabinets.  There's also a 16 1/2"W x 75"H x 24"D tall cabinet added to the end of this run. 

Above the tall cabinets there are three 32"W x 31"H x 24"D upper units create floor to ceiling storage. 

As you can see from the picture, the space heater attached to the ceiling prevented Dan from stacking an upper cabinet on top of the tall unit.

The tall cabinets on the left wall with two doors and three drawers are not a standard configuration for

Dan needed additional deep drawers but couldn't add anymore base cabinets to the workbench area on the back wall. suggested to simply add the additional drawers to the tall units to ensure he had all the drawer space he'd need.

Garage Floor

Before installing all of the garage storage cabinets, Dan had his garage floor done so it could look more aesthetically pleasing. As well as having garage storage cabinets, a garage flooring can enhance your home and even increase your property value.

Eventually garage floors become stained from grease, oils, and chemicals, turning that smooth concrete into an ugly eyesore. Transforming your plain concrete floor with an epoxy garage floor coating adds years of service, durability and stain resistance.  

If you plan on doing your garage floor, it is important you have a professional do it. There are several commercial products that are excellent but they are not very forgiving to work with therefore do not lend themselves to a DIY'er. Most DIY flooring kits have low solids and just don't perform very well.

Mini Slatwall

On the right side of the garage wall there is a small slatwall. From the picture below, you can see that Dan has a few slatwall accessories. He is using one of the hooks to hang his chair.

Final Result

This was a big project for Dan. Like it was said in the beginning, he wanted his dream garage done and he got it. 

His 2 1/2 car garage looks beautiful. And if you can tell by the pictures, Dan doesn't have anything on his garage floor. It is very important to have your garage floor as clean as possible because if you don't, you'll hate yourself later.

Achieving your dream garage isn't that far from reality. A lot of people think that you need to hire a professional to transform your garage but you don't have to. Dan achieved this result by himself. The only thing that did was help him plan out his garage storage system and provide him with the material. 

There's always a good feeling after undertaking a big project like this and doing it all by yourself. So, don't take too long in transforming your garage like Dan did. 

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