Garage Storage Systems Done Right

See How This California Couple Cleaned Up Their Clutter

At, we love helping customers find garage storage systems that works for them. With the help of our functional and affordable garage cabinets, we’ve made our customer’s organization dreams a reality. On one recent project, Workspace Garage Cabinets helped a California customer meet his organizational goals and more.

Matt Had No Storage System For The Garage

He simply didn’t have a proper place to store his coolers, tools and sporting equipment, everything sat on the floor, or on top of something else.

And the neighbors view from the street wasn't so good either.

So How Did Matt Get The Best Garage Storage System?

First, Matt used our online design tool to start the design process and get an idea of cost.  Because of an angled wall and some other unique circumstances, he quickly realized that he needed some help putting the design together.  Matt made a phone call and got the project manager at a few dimensions.

As you can see, one of the corner walls was angled, the walls were different depths, and the fireplace created a bump out on the back wall. 

So We Went To Work Doing What Do Best, Creating Storage Systems For Garages

This Was The Design Matt Decided On

Our project manager suggested cabinets in various sizes to accommodate Matt’s items. After considering the options, Matt chose tall cabinets and a workbench for his tools. Normally these cabinets are installed with support legs. Matt, however, chose to mount them on the 4” garage curb with mounting blocks instead of the front support legs for ease of cleaning underneath. He chose the color burgundy for the door fronts with pewter cabinets, and our tough Impact Coating garage countertop for his work bench.

Matt was almost ready to order, but first we had to confirm his order and make sure he had all he needed to install the cabinets.  We do our best to avoid errors on either end, and we don’t process any orders until we know everything is correct and to your satisfaction. Once he placed his order, our team got to work on building the cabinet configuration to all of Matt’s specifications. Once everything was built to our high standards the order was shipped out via UPS Freight within a week of its submission. The order arrived neatly shrink-wrapped and crated on a pallet.

The Finished Garage Storage System

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