An Easy Way To Have Garage Tool Storage That Works

Garage tool storage doesn't have to be a challenge. 

One of the main reasons your garage is a mess is probably because you have tons of tools laying around. It gets the point that you have so much you don't know where to put them. So what do you do? You toss them in your garage and hope you can find them later. Am I right? 

Having too many tools can be overwhelming and more so if you don't have suitable garage storage. And it can also be hard finding ideas for how to organize your garage, I understand. That's why you need to see what this persons process was and how he was able to store all his tools. 

James needed a lot of help because he has a lot of tools and all of them were laying all around his garage. He has all sorts of tools for all the jobs he performs. We all know there is an endless amount of tools that exist. This causes James to have a really hard time keeping track of all of them. That's why he needed a garage storage solution and luckily he found a tool online that helped him transform his garage.

Online Design Tool

James started off with making an online design of his garage at He was able to pick from dozens of garage cabinet choices to fit his garage tool storage. The best part of it is that he saw exactly how it will look in his garage. Take a read down below to see what I am talking about.

Step #1

First thing the online design tool asked him was how much space he had for his garage cabinets. 

Note: It's important you know exactly how big your garage is. This way, you will know what size of cabinets will fit perfectly.

step #1

Step #2

After he selected his garage size, he was directed to a selection of “standard” cabinet configurations that would fit in the space he selected. From there he had a handful of cabinet options to choose from. And, if you are a visual person, this is awesome. You can see what it looks like and get an idea how you are going to store your tools. Best part is that the page showed James the cost of the cabinets and it allowed him to customize the cabinets as well.

step #2

Step #3

You know how I said the online design tool allowed him to customize the cabinets? Well, take a look.

Once James chose the cabinets he liked the most, he was sent over to the customization page. In the customize page, he was allowed to choose:

  • Color of cabinet box
  • Color of drawer and door color
  • Countertop

Did you ever think that was even possible? It's pretty cool.

step #3

TIP: If you want to save a couple bucks, skip the counter top and come up with your own way like this other guy did in Illinois.

Step #4

After James decided what color cabinets he wanted, his next step was to select cabinets.

You're probably asking why, if in step #2 I told you James had the option to choose a cabinet. Well, James had the option but that was more of a template he could later change to his own liking and that's exactly what he did. He could take away or add any doors, drawers, trash bins, or many other things. This allowed James to have exactly what he wanted. Better yet? He arrange everything just the way he wanted. He could put a 5-drawer next to a trash bin or move one drawer to another side of the cabinet. Honestly, it allowed you to do whatever you wanted while also looking at the price it would cost you. And if he needed help, he could always ask the online project manager.

Take a look: 

Note: Something also really cool is that James could save his project and go back to it whenever. This let him sleep on it and go back later to make changes.

Step #5

After James was all done, he placed his order and had it shipped to him. had UPS Freight ship his order.

Step #6

Before he assembled his cabinets, James had to get his floor ready. So, he had his floor professionally finished. He chose epoxy flooring. James chose an epoxy floor because not only would it look good but is stain resistant.

Step #7

James received his garage storage a week after placing his order. Pretty fast, huh? Instructions and all material were included so he knew how to assemble his cabinets. He was also given a link to a online video with step-by-step instructions. Which is great, because I'm more of a visual person. If James had trouble along the way, he could contact his project manager anytime.

James' Project

After building and installing his cabinets where he wanted them, he know has a garage tool storage.

You can see James chose different size cabinets. It all depended on what he had in mind when it came to storing his tools. Not all tools are the same size so they need different size storing as well. But look how cleaned-up his garage looks. Lets not talk about how good his garage floor looks, too. The color of his floor goes good with his cabinets. To be honest, it doesn't even look like a garage!

James will not be having a hard time anymore in trying to find his tools. He found a way to have his own garage tool storage without it taking too much space. I can't think of a tool that wouldn't fit in this garage storage cabinets

It doesn't have to be super hard coming up with garage storage ideas. You saw how easy it was for James to customize his garage tool storage. 

The online design tool helps you picture how you want your garage. It allows you to add or subtract any storage based on your needs. Does home depot let you do that?

Give it a shot and try out the tool for yourself and maybe the next article I write is about your garage!