Garage Wall Storage

Garage Wall Storage

Without mincing words, when it comes to customizing garage wall storage, Workspace Garage Cabinets goes above and beyond to ensure that your garage looks spot on. Regardless of how unappealing your garage may look at the moment, we can completely transform your unsightly space leaving you wondering how you survived without sufficient garage storage!

David D.'s Experience

Just recently, the team at Workspace Garage Cabinets gave David D.’s North Carolina garage a complete makeover leaving him happy as can be, thanks to its functional design. We paid attention to the details and delivered exactly what David asked for. At Workspace, we believe you not only need customized garage wall storage; but you also need garage cabinet storage that suits your taste and style, as well.

Working with David was easy. He knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish in his garage, and provided his thoughts on appearance, too. As an avid car collector, David needed garage wall storage to house his extensive tool collection and equipment. As expected, with the help of one of our project managers and our online design tool, David found a garage cabinet solution that met all of his expectations – functional, sturdy and slick-looking.

Slatwall Panels Added Even More Storage

From garage storage accessories to slatwall, we optimized the garage wall storage within David’s budget.  Tan and pewter slatwall panels were added to his burgundy and white cabinet order to utilize more wall space.  Our Handiwall Slatwall is quality stuff; highly reliable heavy-duty inter-locking panels with blended cellular PVC material that are 100 percent recyclable material that will withstand wear and tear. In addition, they are waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, hence, built to last. Slatwall accessories rounded out the plan. The maple butcherblock tops look great and suit his every day wear and tear just fine. Customers who desire a tougher workbench countertop often choose the indestructible Impact Coating countertop, instead.

After the design was laid out to suit David, it was manufactured and shipped in less than a week! Workspace Garage Cabinets builds these tough powder-coated cabinets after they are ordered, so all paint is from the same lot and all cabinet finishes match exactly.

Guaranteed to arrive safe and sound and ready for easy installation, David had no issues with the installation, but if he had, we were ready to help along the way.  Our cabinets arrive pre-drilled for a nearly effortless install.  Simple tools are needed to get the cabinets up in a short time.  Custom cabinets are truly the best way to get what you want, and our efficient CNC manufacturing process makes it that much easier if you are on a time crunch.  No waiting a month for your order to arrive.

Why Workspace Garage Cabinets?

We expect every customer’s experience to be as easy as David’s.  We walk each buyer through the planning stage, if needed, and doublecheck both our calculations and theirs for accuracy and functionality. The online Design Tool at is very handy in this whole process. It is so easy to experiment with different cabinet visuals before making a final decision. Customers start with a basic cabinet setup and subtract and add cabinets to make the ideal garage storage solution for them.

At, we believe our custom-built, US manufactured cabinets, will over-deliver in comparison to similar big box store offerings.  Plus, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, besides. To reinforce this, we offer a 10 year limited warranty so our customers will be assured that our quality product will meet their demands.  Thinking of a garage makeover?  Give our Online Design Tool a try today!  It’s fun to play around with your ideas and just think…your new garage wall storage upgrades could be a reality shipment by next week!