Organized Garage Images – Tired of Your Garage? This May Help!

Not really sure where to get started with your garage organization project? You know, one of the best ways to get some great ideas is to look at images that have already been organized that way you can start to get a feel of what you want. 

And it just so happens, we’ve accumulated quite a few of those over the course of a decade helping folks just like you! Also check out our other blog post on the topic - 3 Garage Makeovers You Must See Before Starting Yours.

As you peruse our collection of organized garage images be sure to keep in mind these are real garages, being used by real homeowners all over the U.S. and Canada. Having an organized garage is not out of reach for you!

Also remember, a well-kept garage isn’t just necessary for large spaces and guys with fancy cars (not that there’s anything wrong with that….because we help those folks too).

But as this first example shows, even a garage with modest space can be enhanced by a nice storage system…


One Car Garage

In fact, this tight space uses three different types of storage solutions: a nice workbench area with storage space above and below, slatwall accessories and panels, and an overhead storage rack.

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets In Your Average 1 Car Massachusetts Garage

All that storage space means the homeowner should have no problem keeping this garage tidy. They’ll be able to store a wide range of tools, boxes, and more inside those base and upper WorkSpace cabinets. The overhead storage rack gets things off the floor and out of the way. And slatwall panels and accessories keep several things neatly stored but still easily accessible.


Two Car Garage

If you have a two-car garage, you should have plenty of room to create a storage system that fits your space and taste exactly. This New Jersey garage is proof that it shouldn’t take a whole lot of garage cabinets to eliminate clutter completely in your garage.

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets In Your Average 2 Car Massachusetts Garage

And here’s another two-car garage in New Jersey with just enough storage to keep this space organized for good.

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets In Your Average New Jersey 2 Car Garage

Modular base, upper, and tall WorkSpace storage cabinets make it easy for you to create a system that best fits the storage space available in your garage.


Garage Gym

Your garage doesn’t have to only be used for storage and parking. You could take advantage of all that great wide-open space and create an in-home gym like Jess in Virginia did with her garage.

A Virginia Garage Turned Into A Garage Gym Using WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

The tall and base WorkSpace cabinets should have enough space for storing towels, water, snacks, and gym equipment as well as your regular every day garage stuff…Whatever that might be.


Sports Fan Garage

If a garage gym is a little too involved for you, you could do just turn the space into a shrine to your favorite sports team instead. That’s exactly what this New Jersey Devils fan did with his space.

A Sports Fan's Garage Organized With WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

The 14’ garage cabinet system ensures all of his stuff remains neatly organized behind closed doors and not on the floor covering up that slick team logo.


Sportsman's Garage

For the players among you, garage cabinets ensure the investment you make in your sports equipment isn’t just sitting or lying on the garage floor exposed to the elements.

Mike down in Florida wanted storage for all the stuff piled in corners and on the floor in his garage.

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets organized garage images

And he wanted to make sure his high-end golf clubs had a place all their own too.

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets in Florida Garage - Golf Bag Garage Cabinet

A tall 16”W x 24”D WorkSpace cabinet was the perfect size to fit his golf bag and clubs. Plus, shelves provide additional storage for shoes, golf balls, and other equipment.


Do-It-Yourselfer Garage

Like high end sports equipment, your power and hand tools shouldn’t be left to the elements in your garage. A quality storage solution, like the one Leon put in his Tennessee workshop, easily keeps all your best tools well organized in drawers and behind doors.

The Fossum Shop organized garage images.

With the right mix of tall, base, and upper cabinets you can create a complete, custom storage solution that fits your space and needs. You’ll find it much easier to find what you need and finish projects. And you just might be able to let someone see the place without feeling embarrassed.


Multi-Purpose Garage

Some garages need to play a range of roles…parking, storage, workshop. For Steve out in California, it was important his garage be versatile and do it all.

Multipurpose organized garage images

Doing an entire wall of deep upper and tall storage provided plenty of space for storing boxes, totes, seasonal decorations, and a bunch of other garage stuff.

Full Wall of WorkSpace Garage Cabinets in the Multipurpose Garage

While a workbench area and a rolling workbench provide ample space and flexibility for working on keeping the bikes tuned up and other projects.

WorkSpace Garage Workbenches & Cabinets in the Multipurpose Garage

The more things you use your garage for, the more you need a quality storage solution to keep it all organized.


Garage Space Maximizers

Even if the only storage space you have in your garage is a single back corner, we have a solution to help make it work. It’s how Jon was finally able to get his Missouri garage organized for good.

Organized Garage Corner

With many of the other storage solutions out there, Jon’s options would have been limited because of the window on one wall and the temperature control unit on the other. But the corner cabinet unit from WorkSpace allowed him to get maximum storage on both walls.

And if you’re tight on space lengthwise, you can always take your storage system to the ceiling like Joe did in his garage.

Maximize your garage storage

He incorporated a workbench area with drawers and capitalized on high ceilings by stacking upper cabinets on top of the tall units and uppers above the workbench.


Storage Garage

Of course, if you have the space for it, there’s nothing wrong with having as many tall garage cabinets as you can possibly fit on one wall. That’s exactly what Matt was going for when he designed the ideal storage system for his California garage.

Loads of storage in this California garage.

If your goal is to organize your garage and keep it that way for good, consider following Matt’s example and adding as many storage cabinets as you can.


Motorcycle Parking Only Garage

Whether your garage is housing a Harley Davidson…

Organized garage solution in orange and pewter.

Or a Ducati…

Store your Ducati in style!

…you’ll want to keep the space clean and organized with a storage solution that is functional and looks good too. WorkSpace garage cabinets helped Dave and Erwin do just that, even on tight budgets!

But hey, whether you're driving an iconic motorcycle or a minivan, it's a good feeling to pull into your garage and get out of the car without bumping into something! Am I right?

So, do those organized garage images have you feeling inspired?

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