The Best Garage Storage Systems to See Now!

It's more than likely that for every great looking garage, there is some interesting before and after pictures.

In fact, I happen to have pictures and stories of some of the best garage storage systems and it also happens to be that we were part of the process. 

While looking through these before and after garage makeovers, you’ll likely notice some have a very common theme, which is stuff piled haphazardly on the floor…Attempts at creating some sort of order out of the chaos using inadequate storage systems which bring frustration, anger, overwhelmed, even guilt.

Does all of this sound familiar?

Yeah, you’re defiantly not alone. Lots of other homeowners struggle to keep their garages organized. Because whether your house cost fifty grand or half a million dollars, it probably came with the same solution for garage storage…. Absolutely nothing.

Despite being one of the largest rooms in your house, the typical garage doesn’t come equipped with anything to help you keep it organized. Your only option when you move in is to lean, pile, and stack where you can. Doesn’t take long for the clutter to add up from there, now does it?

But there is hope for you.

Just check out some of the best garage storage solutions we’ve been a part of!


The Garage Gym

"Before" photo of a garage gym

A Virginia based homeowner recently came to us to help them create the best garage storage system to help turn their garage into an in-home gym. But stuff piled in corners and cluttering the floor was foiling that plan. To get the most out of their garage, they decided some garage cabinets were necessary.

"After" Garage Storage Solution in a Virginia Garage Gym

The mix of tall and base cabinets in this 113” wide system provides plenty of space for storing a wide range of stuff. The tall cabinets are approximately 80”H x 24”D; while the base cabinets are 37”H and 24”D. The black urethane Impact Coating counter top offers a convenient workbench area right next to the door leading into the house.

Virginia Garage Gym "After"


The Storage Garage

"Before" images of unorganized garage in need of storage cabinets.

The box store melamine cabinets just weren’t cutting it for this California family. Boxes, totes, and household supplies were still piling up and creating an eyesore. Something a bit more extensive and functional was needed…

Garage storage solutions are needed here.

No more stacking things on top of the refrigerator or precarious piles in the corner. The bank of (7) 32” wide, 80” high, 24” deep tall cabinets has the capacity to fit everything this family wants to store off the floor and out of the way. And the workbench area with a knee-hole space will be great for working on projects.

An expansive garage storage solution for this California garage.


The Parking Garage

Garage storage needed badly in the Maryland garage.

For many years, this Maryland family has lived with a garage that was only halfway finished. And while they were still able to at least use the space for parking their cars, looking at the piles of stuff wasn’t exactly ideal. The time had come for a major overhaul.

"After" Garage cabinets, flooring and walls all updated.

After adding drywall and having a garage floor coating installed, the homeowners decided to add some WorkSpace garage cabinets to keep the space neat and organized.

"After" total garage organization transformation

The difference is night and day when you look at the before and after garage storage solution images.

"After" Garage makeover photo


The Garage Shop

"Before" photo of garage in need of organization.

Despite a valiant effort, this California garage just kept accumulating clutter…

The homeowners had finally had enough and threw out the old system. Everything from the makeshift workbench to the old pegboard had to go to make way for the best garage storage system.

But they weren’t going to make the same mistake twice. So instead of creating another system using solutions that didn’t really work well together, they decided to use our Online Design Tool to create a complete system that matched their space and storage needs exactly.

"After" Garage storage solution with slatwall and pewter garage cabinets.

Base units with drawers are perfect for storing a wide range of items and provides a nice workbench area when the Maple Butcher Block countertop is added. Tall cabinets provide plenty of storage space for boxes, totes, baskets, and a wide range of other items. And all those tools that need to be close at hand are neatly organized right above the workbench using slatwall accessories attached to slatwall panels.

All the components come together very well to create great looking and easy to use garage storage system!


The Car Guy Garage

Not everyone needs custom garage cabinets. Slat wall panels and accessories offer a much more efficient, organized, and clean look…


No matter what condition your garage is in currently, you can transform it into a well-organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing area.

Are you looking for even more garage makeover ideas? You can request a FREE copy of our Garage Makeover Guide right here. Just click the link to request a copy.