Dutch architects took an office structure in Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands, into a 2,153 square foot contemporary loft called Loft 64. The bathroom, storage room and kitchen are all clustered together in one central timber volume, creating the visual impression of open space. The architects installed several skylights and voids to help compensate for the original structure?s lack of natural light. White walls and metal staircases work together to complete an overall effect thar is modern, spacious and minimalist.

  • A modern, contemporary look is not antithetical to an industrial influence, which is why converting an office to home-use can work.
  • One problem with converting office space can be window placement, which may afford only minimal natural light.
  • One way to overcome a lack of central light is to put in penetrating skylights.

The creative team behind EVA architecten renovated a former office in ?s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, and converted it into a spacious contemporary loft.

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