Great Looking Garages From 19 Contractors, Architects and Remodelers Around the Country

19 Great Looking Garages From Garage Builders Around The Country

As you can imagine, we love seeing homes with cool garages, such as this one that was converted to an animal shelter office. It’s an excusable thing to geek out about in our line of work.

So, as a tribute to the architects and the contractors and the remodelers who create some truly awesome garages, we have put together a post to showcase some of the best such work in America.

Below are 19 building and design companies plus some of the killer garages, sheds and auxiliary buildings for which they are responsible. Here is to all their great work.

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By Gelotte Hommas Architecture, Washington

Based just outside of Seattle, Gelotte Hommas Architecture has been in business for 31 years. Pictured above is a project they titled The Car Lodge, which features 3,000 sq. ft. of car space and 2,600 sq. ft. of living space. That enviable garage-to-house ratio was so the owner could comfortably house his car collection, which, as you can see from the photos, is pretty nice.

(If you really want to have your mind blown, check out the company’s 2013 project called Garaj Mahal.)

By Classic American Homes, Maryland

The team at Classic American Homes posted this one on Houzz, and their description might be the best part: “The owner made a change to the house and we had some extra trusses, so we made a shed.” So, this building is just kind of a bonus for the homeowner. Great work, Classic American Homes!

By Chadbourne + Doss Architects, Washington

Yes, this is technically just a car port. No, that is not an important detail because just look at that house. “This house is a complete reconstruction of one of iconic Seattle architect Fred Bassetti’s earliest designs,” the architects wrote. “While appreciating the classic modern structure, the owners wanted to open up the floor plan, update all finishes, and tailor the home to suit their interests and lifestyle.”

By SEED Studio, Washington

The image above is a set of before and after shots of the same house. SEED Studio, an architecture and planning company, was hired to add on a new covered garage, on top of which they put a cool rooftop patio area. Just look at how that garage completely changed the house and gave its owners multiple levels of usable, good-looking outdoor space.

By Heartland Garage Builders, Kentucky

Heartland Garage Builders got its start 17 years ago with a late-model F-150, a couple of trailers and a decade-plus worth of experience in building. Today, it’s a BBB-certified company with its home office in the beautiful western tip of Kentucky, the Jackson Purchase, bordered on three sides by major rivers.

By Coach House Garages, Illinois

Coach House Garages is a 41-year-old business nestled in the heart of Illinois’ Amish country. The company has built more than 22,000 buildings over the course of four decades and was a 2010 recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for ethical business practices and customer support.

By Case Design/Remodeling, Maryland

Here is another Houzz find, courtesy of Bethesda, Maryland, contractor Case Design/Remodeling, a family company that is more than 50 years old and the recipient of numerous awards for its design work, its business ethics and its customer service.

By J.D. Griffiths, Wisconsin

J.D. Griffiths is a family-run business that has been building garages in Wisconsin since the Truman administration, and they have served the Milwaukee area now for 67 years, with many members of the crew having joined as second-generation employees.

By All American Garage Builders, Tennessee

All American Garage Builders in Henderson has been in business for 12 years and has built more than 1100 garages to date — that’s close to 100 garages built per year. Owners cite the company’s honesty, open communication and loyalty to their customers as key reasons for their success.

By Custom Built Garages, Louisiana

New Orleans contractor Custom Built Garages celebrates 20 years in business this year, and they offer everything from garages and patios to man caves to “mother-in-law houses” (what they call their guest houses).

By Atlantic Garages, New York

Based in Buffalo, Atlantic Garages celebrates 41 years in business in 2014, and the owners say some of the guys on their crew have been working together for more than 20 years. It’s this expertise in practicing their craft that allows the people at Atlantic Garages to do consistently good work.

By Carolina Custom Builders, North Carolina

Carolina Custom Builders have been in business since 1980, and during that time they have built more than 3,000 garages and other auxiliary buildings for customers in the Raleigh area. And by keeping prices competitive all these years, the company says it’s now in a position to offer custom-built garages at prices close to what a prefabricated garage would cost.

By Tucker Family Construction, Wisconsin

A family-run construction and home improvement company in Madison, Tucker Family Construction has a number of specializations, one of which is add-ons and garages. The company has built its name over the past 20 years on kitchen and basement remodeling work, but Tucker’s Facebook page also demonstrates that the crew can build some good-looking decks, as well.

By Projects by Giffin & Crane, California

Santa Barbara building company Projects was hired to touch up a local client’s home to make it more useful and fun. This included building a new fire pit and barbecue area, but what caught our eye was that pair of bi-folding garage doors.

By Saussy Burbank, North Carolina


That’s our first reaction to this driveway and garage. Saussy Burbank, which is responsible for some of the coolest homes in the Carolinas, built this house in the Dilworth Historic District in Charlotte.

By Rill Architects, Maryland

Rill Architects, who work in the DC area and along the East Coast, created this unbelievable garage for a client who built a jaw-dropping country retreat just outside of the DC area.

By Murphy & Co Design, Minnesota

Minneapolis-based architecture firm Murphy & Co created this hunting barn for a local customer. It’s not a garage, technically, but the photo looked so good we had to include it.

By Gravitas, Idaho

If Idaho had a royal family, this is what their countryside castle would look like. This residence near Boise also sports one of the coolest front doors around. Gravitas, a 13-year-old firm in Boise, was founded by architect Derek Hurd, who first moved out West from Vermont to study his profession in Montana.

By TDSwansburg Design Studio, Vancouver

We had to temporarily annex British Columbia to fit this last garage into our post. But can you blame us? Vancouver company TDSwansburg may have built the greatest man cave of all time. The show garage and man cave area occupy the entire first floor of a three-story home. You really should check out the rest of the photos on Houzz.

images: all images courtesy of the companies themselves and taken from their own websites, Houzz, Facebook, and pages.

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