All The American Made Tools You Will Need To Start Your Own Every Man Garage

All The American Made Tools You Will Need To Start Your Own Every Man Garage

From storage solutions to tools, there are some essential things every man garage needs if you intend on ever getting anything done. And when it comes to quality, you can have confidence in the craftsmanship of an American made tool.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself…

Just what are those essential tools? And how the heck do I find a manufacturer producing top quality goods right here in the USA?

Not to worry… has you covered!

Here are the essential American made tools you will need to create your very own every man garage.

And check out this article for ideas on easy and effective tool storage solutions.


WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

Because garage cabinets offering a unique blend of quality, style, and affordability, and so you’ll want  to check out the WorkSpace garage cabinets!

WorkSpace Cabinets are designed for the garage environment, so they will last a long time!

These cabinets are specialized with powder coating finish. Click to read why powder coating is a must for your next garage storage system!

WorkSpace allows you to design your own cabinet online which you think would fit best in your garage. In which also allows you to pick the color of your choice from five powder-coated door colors and  four box colors and 20 attractive mix-and-match color combinations make it easy to to satisfy your taste and decor.

But, MDF has a bit more going for it. The strong, dense material gives the cabinet door and drawer fronts some weight so they close with a ‘thud’. And since MDF is made of recycled wood, it is cheaper material to come by than steel and aluminum.

Add a high quality powder coat finish to that and you have the ideal solution for the garage environment.

The powder finish gives the door and drawer fronts on WorkSpace garage cabinets a protective coating, so they can take some rough handling and you won’t have to deal with them peeling over time.

Plus, it is a stain proof finish, so you don’t have to worry at all about those minor spills bound to happen in the garage.

And it won’t fade over time due to direct sunlight, so your WorkSpace garage cabinets will still look good as new 10 years from now.

WorkSpace storage cabinets are manufactured to order in South Beloit, IL, USA. And the 'just in time' manufacturing makes it easy to offer you 80+ cabinet choices and still get your cabinets delivered to you in 7-10 business days!


The Garage Workbench from the makers of Redline Garagegear

Looking for a different garage cabinet system? Then, you're looking for Redline Garagegear cabinets.

Yes, Redline Cabinets are durable powder-coated finish to the wall-hing, off-the-floor design, plus Garagegear storage cabinets are built to last.

In fact, this garage storage cabinets are warranted for a lifetime.

Finding the best cabinet for your requirement is made easier with more than 500 garage cabinet choices and eleven powder coated color choices, you're sure to find one that matches your garage needs.

Redline units are all hang on steel rail attached to the studsin your wall, and the cabinets doesn't ever touch the floor.

The Redline Garagegear works really geat, looks great ang guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

Just down the road from us here at is Estwing in Rockford, IL. They have been manufacturing striking and struck tools out of solid steel forgings since 1923. And their Sportsman’s Axe is an impressive American made tool indeed!

The 14” long axe is forged entirely from a single piece of steel and has a cutting edge of 3 ¼”. The leather ring grip gives it great handling and an attractive look.

Check out this review of the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe from Black Owl Outdoors:

You can pick up an Estwing Sportsman’s Axe for your every man garage here:


The Original Hammer by Hardcore Hammer

The hammer…It’s an age old tool that’s would be difficult to improve on right?


Enter Hardcore Hammer. Founded by a couple of carpenter brothers, Hardcore Hammer manufactures its products in Shawnee, KS.

Just check out the better framing hammer they invented…

The Original Hammer lasts longer, works better, and protects your fingers from those sharply pointed waffles.

Get an Original Hammer by Hardcore hammer right here:


The Wave by Leatherman

From the makers of the original American multi-tool comes their most popular multi-tool ever by far. The Wave multi-tool by Leatherman is the culmination of 40+ years testing and perfecting their pliers based multi-purpose tool.

Tim Leatherman started working on the prototype for his multi-tool back in 1975. It wasn’t until 1983 he actually began selling them but it didn’t take long for Leatherman to be considered an industry leader when it comes to multi-tools.

And it’s easy to see why! Leatherman uses precision manufacturing to make its products in Portland, OR. Just check out the 17 different tool functions on the Leatherman Wave…

The Wave mult-tool is available on the Leatherman website here:


The Ergonomic Shovel from Bosse Tools

“I love shoveling”, said no one EVER!

In fact, it is quite possibly one of the most grueling activities the average American will endure. But the team over at Bosse Tools wants to change all that for you.

With help from professors at Loyola Marymount University, bio-medical researchers at Arizona State University, and 400+ backers from a Kickstarter campaign, Bosse Tools created the two handed Ergonomic Shovel.

What makes this Phoenix, AZ produced shovel different is the ergonomic rotational handle that makes the shoveling process easier on your body.

Since getting started in 2012, Bosse Tools now offers a range of shovels from snow to scoop with its patented ergonomic handle. You can pick yours up over here


Channellock 8WCB Wide Azz Wrench


The Hudson Bay Camp Knife II by Bark River Knives

For a knife that is full of rich history and capable of replacing a cleaver or axe, look no further than The Hudson Bay Camp Knife made by Bark River Knives.

The pattern for this knife dates back to the precolonial 1700s and is considered to be the first knife to be graced with the moniker “camp knife”.

Bark River Knives is a family owned business in Escanaba, MI. Their version of the Hudson Bay Camp Knife was first introduced in 2008 and quickly became a must have American made tool for many.

Want to get your hands on a Hudson Bay Camp Knife? Well, there are about a handful of distrubutors and dealers in the Midwest you can work with. Find one near you here:

Want to get your hands on a Hudson Bay Camp Knife? Well, there are about a handful of distrubutors and dealers in the Midwest you can work with. Find one near you here:


The Pro Framer Tool Belt Set made by Occidental Leather

For over 30 years Occidental Leather has been making professional grade tool belts out of premium top grain American cow hides. And the Pro Framer Tool Belt is no different.

Made entirely in Sonoma County, CA, Occidental Leather products are built to take a beating…

If you’ve ever used a run-of-the-mill tool belt, you’ll definitely appreciate the high level of craftsmanship that goes into the Occidental Leather Pro Framer Tool Belt. You can pick up a set for yourself here:


Wilde Tool Pliers

Where’s the best place to get angle nose pliers? How about from the original manufacturer of them?

Wilde Tool began making their 6N and 8N angle nose pliers more than 85 years ago in 1955. Today, the Hiawatha, KS based manufacturer is run by the 3rd and 4th generation of the founders.

Their 6-3/4” Angle Nose Pliers are still considered the industry benchmark against which all other angle nose pliers are compared.

You can pick up your very own pair of Wilde Tool Pliers here:


Yost 4” RIA-4 Compact Bench Vise

A garage without a bench vise is a place you probably don’t want to be. Me neither.

Thankfully Yost Vises can help us out with that. They’ve been making quality, heavy duty iron vises since 1908. Plus, they offer an amazing lifetime warranty on their vises made in America. Check out some of their heavy duty models in action:

Like what you see? You can shop the line-up of American made Yost Vises here:


The Original 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver by MegaPro

The pure genius of the multi-bit screwdriver would leave one to think it’s been around for ages. But that’s simply not the case. Believe it or not, MegaPro didn’t start manufacturing The Original 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver until late 1994.

Since then though, they have become the “Kleenex” of screwdriver, with more than 20 variations of the multi-bit variety. The company is headquartered in Canada, but many of their tools (including The Original 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver) are made this side of the border.

You can get your very own MegaPro multi-bit screwdriver here:


The line of Ratcheting Wrenches made by Proto

How would you like to own a set of the same wrenches used to build ’34 Fords, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and even the Apollo 11 spacecraft?

Yeah, I thought so…

Proto has been building its lineup of tools in Los Angeles, CA since 1907. Their long and unique history gave birth to this great line:

“Our first wrenches were made from Ford axles. Not long after, our wrenches made Fords.”

And even after all these years, Proto is still innovating. The new line of ratcheting wrenches they introduced in 2012 offer an extra 13 degrees of swing thanks to an offset open end and an I-beam profile.


Westling Machine Tool Holder Trays

You’ve probably got a really nice set of sockets but I’ll bet they’re rolling around loose in a drawer somewhere or housed in some cheap(ish) plastic tray.

No worries! The high quality billet aluminum Socket Tray Organizers from Westling Machine should remedy that for you.

Westling Machine got started back in 2007 as a machine shop in Milaca, MN. Treat yourself to some of their Socket Tray Organizers here:


The 7”Bent Trimmer Scissors by Klein Heritage Cutlery

At some point or another, a pair of scissors will likely come in handy. And nobody makes a better pair of shears than the folks at Klein Heritage Cutlery in Bolivar, NY.

I mean, they’ve only been doing this since the early 1950s. These days, they’re the country’s largest manufacturer of hot forged scissors and shears.

You can pick up your very own pair of the 7” Bent Trimmer Scissors here:


The Bike Multi-Tools from Park Tool

Just about every garage in America will have a bike or two. But do you have tools necessary to fix it? Thanks to Park Tools, you soon can!

They started inventing and manufacturing a range of tools for fixing up bikes back in 1963 out of their St. Paul, MN shop. These days they’re offering 400+ different products to help keep your bike(s) on the road (or trail depending on scenic preference).

So what’s the best way to get your hands on any one of the Park Tool Bike Multi-ToolS? You can start by looking for a local Park Tool dealer bike shop on their website:


The Best Made Co. 15” Toolbox

The best grab and go toolbox around is hands down the 15” Toolbox manufactured by The Best Made Company.

Best Made Co. is a relatively new company based in NYC, NY. It all started back in 2009 when Peter Buchanan-Smith went to work creating a better axe. From that first axe, Best Made Co has gone on to create camping gear, tools, and other products that require a high level of quality and durability. Like the 22 gauge, powder coated steel 15” Toolbox…


Disston Saw Blades

Way back in 1840, when American manufacturing was still in its infancy and playing catch-up with Europe, most American tradesmen were still relying on foreign tools.

Through sheer will and creativity, Henry Disston set out to one up saw manufacturers the world over. After developing a better manufacturing system, he introduced America’s very first line of hand saws.

Disston Tools now offers a wide range of saw blades, drill bits, and other tool accessories manufactured in their Chicopee, MA facility.

For the best selection of Disston Tool products, you will want to check out Amazon.


Hand Tool Sets from U.J. Ramelson’s

Need another reason to get your hand tools from U.J. Ramelson’s besides that awesome name?

Okay…How about this…

They’ve been producing their made-to-order hand-working tools with all wood handles and quality American carbon steel in Newark, NJ since 1937. That’s 80+ years of experience right there!

You can see the full range of hand tools for woodworkers, jewelers, artists, and hobbyists available from U.J. Ramelson here:


The Mag-Tac LED Flashlight line manufactured by MagLite

When you need to shine a light into the darkness, you want the power and quality of an American made flashlight to show you the way. And that’s exactly what you get with the Mag-Lite Tactical Series of flashlights.

With the help of law enforcement and security professionals, MagLite manufactures the toughest and most durable flashlight known to man. And they do it all right here in the USA at their manufacturing facilities in Ontario, CA.

You can explore the full line of MagLite Tactical Flashlights here:

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