25 Awesome Interior Designers in Texas

Get To Know These Interior Designers In Texas

25 Awesome Interior Designers In Texas

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Organizing your home and garage accomplishes a number of things, from making your living space functional, to preserving your sanity, to improving the overall aesthetic qualities of your home. Some improvements can even increase the value of your home!

We often think of organization as a functional, practical activity, but it’s important to consider the aesthetic facets of uncluttering. That’s where the work of interior designers begins to overlap with organization.

To inspire your own efforts, we will take a look at some great work by skilled interior designers from time to time. Today, we focus on the Lone Star State. Here are 25 interior designers in Texas doing great work.

Eklektik Interiors, Houston

Eklektik Interiors is a showroom plus interior design agency, and their work looks amazing. Kathy Anderson, owner and the team’s principal designer, says much of her company’s focus is on working with each client to make sure that ideas can flow freely back and forth.

Noa Noa Design, Austin

Organization is one of the key services Noa Simmons offers. “The perfect design, the right positioning of all the objects in your house in perfect harmony to each other, the right colors and the perfect balance can enhance the enjoyment you gain from being in your house and increase your quality of life,” she writes.

Kim Armstrong, Dallas

Kim Armstrong, a UNT grad whose interior design career spans more than a decade at this point, has been featured on the HGTV website and has been a contributor for Dallas Home Improvement magazine.

Dinah Capshaw, Dallas

Dinah Capshaw opened up her interior design business in 2012, but over the course of just two years she has put together an awesome collection of work.

Art Via, Houston

Ariana Smetana creates spaces that fuse modern and contemporary elements into classically inspired styles to create a timeless design. She has lived in Europe for most of her life and has traveled extensively, and you can tell that these experiences influence her style.

Room Fu, Austin

Robin Callan, Claire Patrick and Candis Thompson bring style, color and that satisfying feeling of peace to the rooms they design. “I know from first-hand experience how getting your home in sync has positive ripple effects throughout the rest of your life,” Callan, Room Fu’s owner, says.

Kimberly Vaughn, Dallas

A Park Cities native and Stephen F. Austin grad, Kimberly Vaughn has worked with homeowners, architects and Fortune 500 companies in her 20-year career as an interior designer. “My philosophy is to get to know my clients and provide a design that is a direct reflection of you and your family,” she says.

Dawn Hearn, Austin

Dawn Hearn has been designing clients’ homes since 1993. She, along with design assistant Shannon Applegate, have been doing great work down in Austin.

Eastman Design Group, Houston

Eastman Design Group has been in business for more than three decades, having helped more than 6,000 homeowners in Texas and elsewhere out West design their homes. Richard G. Eastman, owner and Houston native, is also certified by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners.

Jonamor Decor, Austin

Jonona Amor caters to a wide array of tastes, something she traces back to her earlier professional experience in antique and vintage furniture. “I believe that a firm footing in the history of furniture, architecture, and design gives me a well -rounded perspective and astute eye,” she says.

Top Drawer Interiors, Dallas

Though Doug Salzman’s company focuses mostly on residences, he counts among his previous clients Lockheed Martin and American Airlines. “Our goal then is to not only deliver that dream but take you beyond it to the next level of style and sophistication,” he says.

Nicole Roberts Winmill, San Antonio

Nicole Roberts Winmill is an interior designer whose experience spans some 15 years and whose work has taken her all over Texas. “The greatest reward of this work is the overjoyed client who is in love with their new home,” she says.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy

Elegance, timelessness and stylishness are all key characteristics in how Veronica Solomon works. “Each project provides an exciting challenge, in a design collaboration that encourages each client to hone their design tastes while allowing their unique personality to find expression,” she says.

Class, Covers & Colors, San Antonio

Class, Covers & Colors has been in business for more than 20 years, having worked on clients’ individual rooms to whole multi-million dollar estates.

Total 360 Interiors, Dallas

Owners Nancy Black and Brent Willmott founded their interior design firm in 2002, having merged previous experiences in graphic arts, design and finance. “Our greatest reward is seeing our clients thrilled with the end result of our work,” they write.

Adentro Designs, Austin

April Klinger, who got her start as a home stager, has been remodeling, designing and consulting around the Austin area since 2007.

Estrada Design, Houston

Carol Estrada is a passionate designer and native Houston resident who has run her own design consultancy for a half decade now. In her own words: “I prefer to take a different approach to design by first analyzing the space and taking into consideration all the needs and concerns my clients bring to the table. Items such as furnishings last forever, sometimes all they need is re-upholstering and a paint job. The end result is original and custom.”

Spaces Designed, Austin

Komal Sheth founded Spaces Designed in 2005 as a design and real estate agency for residential and commercial properties. She is currently busy developing a line of home accessories, as well.

DecRenew Interiors, Grapevine

Ruthie Staalsen has been designing for clients around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for a decade, emphasizing a style that makes homes look “collected, not decorated.”

Sweetlake Interior Design, Houston

Lori Toups-Fenton has been creating great designs for her clients since 1996. “Lori has a keen eye for lines, scale and all the details required to bring a project to the next level,” one client reported.

Urbane Design, Austin

Urbane Design works with both residences and commercial properties to design great-looking interiors. “Urbane Design’s forte is using pieces you already own and love and mixing them with new elements to create a fresh, unexpected look,” the company says.

Barbara Gilbert, Dallas

Barbara Gilbert, Former President of the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter of the Interior Design Society, is an expert in the psychology of color and works with clients to transform home and business spaces.

CasaPosh, Austin

Megan Clark and Lauryn Donat at CasaPosh are doing some great work down in Austin. “Our personalized process of getting to know our clients allows us to create a space for them that both meets their functional needs and reflects their own personal style,” they say.

Cravotta Interiors, Austin

Mark Cravotta founded his interior design firm in 1996, and he says he tries to create interiors that have “a sense of history and adventure.”

“People crave a sense of belonging and of being rooted in their environment, and I believe their homes provide that,” he says.

Wilson Associates, Dallas

OK, so this is coloring outside the lines a bit because Wilson Associates doesn’t really focus on homes, but we can’t talk about interior designers in Texas without mentioning them. Their client portfolio includes Armani, Disney, Four Seasons and Hilton Hotels. Enjoy the photos, and keep them in mind as an inspirational reference point.

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