What Are WorkSpace Garage Cabinets Made Of ? And Why are they Better?

What are WorkSpace Cabinets® Made out of ?  

And 7 Advantages to these materials 

Workspace Garage Storage Cabinets

Powder Coated Doors & Drawer Fronts

WorkSpace Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are very unique.  Powder coating is very common on metal, almost everything you buy that is metal has been powder coated, and for good reason.  It is extremely durable and scratch resistant.  Without question it is the best finish available today.  

What makes WorkSpace Cabinets unique is we powder coat on wood, MDF to be specific.  There are only a handful of companies in North America that use this technology, we have been powder coating MDF since 2007.  We even have a patent on part of our process. To learn more about the entire manufacturing process of WorkSpace Garage Cabinets check out our blog post on that exact subject.

The Advantages of Powder on MDF

  • Powder Coating Seals the Wood - this makes it nearly impervious to moisture and most household chemicals.
  • Color Selection - Several color options to match your décor, and the our powder coating is UV Stable so fading is not a concern. 
  • Extremely Durable - The powder coated finish is extremely scratch resistant and can handle even rough handling.
  • Mass - Metal doors use a thin gauge metal and can dent easily, not to mention when you close a metal door of a cabinet it sounds 'cheap' like you are closing the door on a Yugo (remember those cars), MDF has mass, it is dense so when you close the door it 'Thumps' like a door should.  And it won't rust.
Powder Coated Doors & Drawer Fronts For WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

Dovetailed drawer boxes have stood the test of time, and are the standard for a quality drawer box.

The Advantages of Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

  • 5/8" Thick Nine-Ply Birch - precisely machined to insure a drawer box that will likely last a lifetime.  The material we use is stable in all climates and is perfect for the garage environment. - Several color options to match your décor, and the our powder coating is UV Stable so fading is not a concern.
  • Durable Clear UV Finish - To protect the drawer and keep it nice looking for years
  • Tens of Thousands of Drawers Built - and to my knowledge we have never replaced a drawer box.  They are that good!
9 Ply Baltic Birch Dovetailed  Drawer Boxes Used In WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

Cabinet Boxes Material - Commercial Grade M2 Thermofused Melamine

For 30+ years we cut our teeth building commercial cabinets for schools, hospitals, clinics, and just about any other type business you can think of.  Thermofused Melamine has always been the primary material for construction, and it is still the material of choice for our cabinet boxes today. 

The Advantages of Commercial Grade Melamine

  • Dense Wood Material - Very structurally stable 
  • InCopper® Anti-Microbial Technology - a proprietary formulation that actively protects the surface of the TFL panel against fungi and mold that can cause stains and odor.
  • Made in the USA - Most of our material are sourced in the  U.S.  The Melamine is made in Grayling Michigan.

High Quality Hardware 

Quality construction requires quality hardware. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of all the hardware used in your WorkSpace cabinets that we guarantee it for a lifetime! Each hardware piece used has been selected for its ability to withstand the wide range of extreme conditions that could be encountered in the garage environment.

The Advantages of Quality Time Tested Hardware

  • Hinges - Absolutely the best hinges in the industry, Italian Made 6-Way adjustable Salice Hinges (available in both Self-Close and Soft-Close)  We have used the same hinges for 25+ years.  Literally hundreds of thousands of them used without a failure (Hard to believe but true!)
  • Fasteners - Metal and cam dowels are used to securely lock the cabinet parts together.  This joinery is time tested and the hardware we use is assembled in Rockford Illinois (just down the road from us.  Titus is another company that is engineering and manufacturing quality components.
  • Drawer Slides - When we find Quality and  Reliability, we stay with it.  The slides we use are 100 lb. rated full extension drawer slides available in both Standard Close and Soft Close.
  • Handles - 8" Bar pulls that are rust and corrosion resistant in both Brushed Chrome and Black
  • Lifetime Warranty - The hardware we use is top shelf, so problems are rare, but if the unlikely happens, you're covered!

Custom Sized Cabinets to Fit Your Garage Like a Glove

Because of how we manufacture, custom sized cabinets are no problem.... we do it all the time to create the perfect garage.

Durable Countertops

For countertops you have a couple of material options to choose from...

The black urethane Impact Coating countertop is designed for rugged durability. You can quite literally pound on this work surface with a hammer (or any blunt force object of your choosing) without so much as scratching it. The black urethane is the same material used to coat truck beds. It's a very rough textured surface, but it won't give you any problems regardless of the project you're working on.

For a smoother countertop surface you can opt for the maple butcher block countertop. This butcher block patterned top is both aesthetically pleasing and quite capable of holding up under working conditions. It's 1 1/4" thick and comes pre-treated with a finish that is both protective and food safe.

Advantage #7 - Made In the U.S.A. . . . Enough Said . . .

Not only are the cabinets manufactured in the U.S.A. - Most of the materials we construct the cabinets with are also Made in the U.S.A.

Our customers appreciate the fact we are in South Beloit Illinois.  We are proud to be in the Mid-West employing everyday Americans.

What's even better is we make every attempt to purchase materials manufactured in the U.S.A.  For example our MDF comes from Columbia Falls, Montana.  The Powder is manufactured in Chicago Illinois.  And the melamine that we use comes from a brand new state of the art $400+ million plant in Grayling Michigan.  

Workspace Garage Storage Cabinets

Engineered for the Garage Environment

If your climate is Hot ... We've got you covered.

When you put them altogether, those parts and pieces form a high quality storage solution. Every element has been carefully considered to ensure it will be able to hold up under the extreme conditions of the garage environment. So, you can rest assured you're buying the last storage system you'll ever need!