Texwood Shows is a well-known home and garden show that is hosted on Home and Garden TV, and it is now being relocated to the Lone Star Convention Center. Coming in Spring 2019, there will be 13 more episodes that are one-hour long. The first season of Texwood Shows was so encouraging with such a large fan base that they were quickly signed on for a second season. With it airing in spring, it makes the perfect time for learning new gardening and landscaping techniques.

Key Takeaways:

  • What most inspires homeowners about recreating ideas on their gardens is watching shows like HDTV where home improvement ideas are featured.
  • The founder of Texwood Shows, Tony Wood has been making much positive headlines by relocating the popular home and garden show to the Lone Star Convention center in Conroe.
  • The show’s relocation to the Convention Center has many positive benefits which includes adding additional outdoor exhibitors in the parking lot surrounding the venue.

“The Montgomery County Home and Garden Show features Community Assistance Center, formerly Crisis Assistance Center serving all of Montgomery County with a hand up to individuals and families experiencing financial crisis with basic needs-housing, food, clothing, and utilities.”

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