Cut Through the Clutter: Check Out These 40 Professional Organizers On Twitter

Check Out These 37 Professional Organizers on Twitter

‘Tis the season for friends, family and other relatives to visit, all of them bearing gifts.

Your house might look cheerful and holiday-appropriate now, but once the big day is over, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all that Christmas clutter.

If you’re swimming in piles of junk, don’t stress. We’ve found 40 professional organizers on Twitter who all offer useful advice and tips for decluttering and sprucing up your home. Another approach is to use garage cabinets to increase your storage capacity, and remember to keep in mind the 5 features to look for when considering which cabinets might suit you best.

1JulieNaylon 2BlissfullyOrgan 3TexasOrganizer 4GothamOrganizer 5BasicOrganizer 6OrganizeManiacs 7TheZenOrganizer 8clutterdiet 9organizer 10JulieMorgenstrn 11ListPlanIt 12girl_organized 13AdrielOrganizes 14PoshOrganizing 15key2organizing 16OnTaskOrg 17KtHomeOrganizer 18OrganizingMaven 19JacquieRoss2 20annaorganizes 21organizerjane 22organizedtime 23IHeartOrganize 24PeterWalsh 25FashOrganized 26outofchaos 27JohnTrosko 28organizingbyamy 29metrozing 30luvtoorganize 31pxp_organizing 32TheJoyfulOrg 33PictPerfectOrg 34smplyBorganized 35SpotOnOrganizin 36ProfOrganizer 37OrganizeShine

Julie Naylon, @NoWireHangers_

Blisfully Organized, @blissfullyorgan

Ellen Delap, @TexasOrganizer

Lisa Zaslow, @Gotham Organizer

Janet Schiesl, @BasicOrganizer

Sgrott Wheedleton, @OrganizeManiacs

Regina Leeds, @TheZenOrganizer

Lori Marrero, @clutterdiet

Gigi Miller, @organizer

Julie Morgenstern, @JulieMorgenstrn

Jan Tankersley, @ListPlanItGirl

Organized, @girl_organized

Adriel the Organizer, @AdrielOrganizes

Heidi Solomon, @PoshOrganizing

Shannon Baker, @key2organizing

On Task Organizing, @OnTaskOrg

Katy Home Organizer, @KtHomeOrganizer

Kelly Jayne McCann, @OrganizingMaven

Jacquie Ross, @JacquieRoss2

Anna Sicalides, @annaorganizes

Jane Veldhoven, @organizerjane

Marla Regan, @organizedtime

I Heart Organizing, @IHeartOrganize

Peter Walsh, @PeterWalsh

Candice Berneman Kahn, @FashOrganized

Linda Chu, @OutOfChaos

John Trosko, @JohnTrosko

Amy Tokos, @organizingbyamy

Geralin Thomas, @metrozing

Amber’s Organizing, @luvtoorganize

Cindy Levitt, @pxp_organizing

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, @TheJoyfulOrg

Jody Al-Saigh, @PictPerfectOrg

Laurie Palau, @smplyBorganized

Tina Blazer, @SpotOnOrganizin

Julie Bestry, @ProfOrganizer

Collette Shine, @OrganizeShine