Overwhelmed by Home Repairs? Check Out These 18 DIY YouTube Channels

DIY YouTube Channels You Should Watch For Home Repair Tips

Overwhelmed By Home Repairs? Check Out These 18 DIY YouTube Channels

DIY YouTube Channels You Should Watch For Home Repair Tips

Homeowners understand that their to-do lists can get long quickly. A leaky faucet here, a patio to seal there — it’s easy for these projects to pile up quickly. That’s when motivation starts to wane.

This post is ultimately designed to help you find that motivation. Below are 18 YouTube channels that feature great home repair tutorials. If you browse through these channels, you’ll see how exactly to go about fixing that faucet or sealing that patio.

Equally important, these tutorials give you a pretty clear idea of each project’s time investment. Once you see someone else breeze through a repair project, you will see that your looming projects aren’t so daunting. All you have to do is start.

That’s when that to-do list starts to shrink, line by line.

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Tenlist DIY

Tenlist operates a directory that lets customer find and connect with local contractors for specific projects. The company also has a great collection of how-to videos on YouTube that demonstrate a variety of common home repairs, from unclogging a drain to catching a mouse.

Example Video: How to Cut Drywall


Theresa and Mark at home-improvement site MyFixItUpLife.com are about to celebrate five years of showing viewers on YouTube how to do all kinds of home improvements themselves. Theresa and Mark themselves are contributors to DIY Network, Old House Journal, This Old House, and Men’s Health, among other publications and sites.

Example Video: 5 Ways You’re Killing Your Grass: How to Mow the Lawn


Think of Buildipedia as the Wikipedia of construction and home repair. The sites YouTube channel features scores of tutorials and how-tos intended not just for the home DIY repairman or repairwoman, but also for contractors, architects and engineers.

Example Video: How to Make a Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

Tommy’s Trade Secrets

Tommy and the crew from TradeSupermarket.com, an online supply store for home, garden and other projects, have a really nice collection of video tutorials that dig deeper into professional knowledge than most DIY how-tos.

Example Video: How to Level a Buckled Floor


The team at home improvement product supplier BuildDirect.com has a very active YouTube channel, but you will need to go to the individual playlists to find the tutorials. Once you get there, you will find some nice how-to video demonstrations, in particular tutorials for installing flooring.

Example Video: Installing Laminate Flooring — A How-To Guide

Ron Tanner’s Channel

Ron Tanner is half of the team at HouseLove, alongside his wife Jill, and the two have written the book (literally) on how to buy an old, run-down house and turn it into a beautiful home. Ron’s YouTube channel features not just DIY home repair tips but glimpses into his family’s life in an old Victorian house (or sometimes road tripping in a camper van).

Example Video: How to Fix a Drippy Faucet

Ask the Builder

Tim Carter at AskTheBuilder.com has been giving DIY home repair advice online longer than most of us have even had an internet connection. Tim’s YouTube channel is absolutely loaded with helpful tutorials for fixing up things around the house.

Example Video: How to Repair a Crumbling Foundation (Part 1)

FIX IT Home Improvement

The FIX IT Home Improvement channel is the creation of Jacy Elsesser, a hardware store owner and veteran real estate agent who has plenty of tips to share for homeowners and DIYers. Look for a wide range of tips on this channel, from wiring a GFCI outlet to reviews of 100% natural oil stain removers.
Example Video: Supply Lines For Toilets and Faucets

Matt Fox’s Channel

HGTV legends Matt and Shari have a nice back catalog of videos that focus on aesthetics and DIY decor. This is a good place to start if you don’t have any actual repairs, just some projects around the house to make it feel more cozy.

Example Video: How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets to Look Good as New

DoItYourself.com’s Channel

DoItYourself.com is a huge information resource for DIYers that covers pretty much anything you need to build, make or repair. This includes fixing your faucet, gardening and Halloween costumes, among other things.

Example Video: How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen

MintHillBilly’s Channel

Bobby Whiteside creates how-to videos that cover all sorts of DIY projects, from home repair to plumbing to roofing to tuning your car. Bobby’s enthusiasm is also pretty infectious and shines through in his tutorials.

Example Video: How to Repair Brick Steps with Loose, Broken or Missing Bricks

Wickes DIY & Home Improvement Playlist

UK home-improvement store Wickes has many, many videos on its YouTube channel, but we will just make it easier by linking to the playlist of the company’s tutorials. There are 14 videos in all that cover how to install a radiator, how to lay laminate flooring, how to put up a fence, and more.

Example Video: How to Install a Wet Room

Masters Home Improvement DIY Playlist

As with Wickes above, Masters Home Improvement is a chain of stores — this time in Australia — and you need to filter out their promotional videos to get to the tutorials. It’s worth it, though, because Masters has a lot of tutorials.

Example Video: How to Hang Wallpaper

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Woodie’s TV

One more home improvement store, this time from Ireland. Woodie’s has more than 100 video tutorials on home repairs, installing fixtures, choosing the right tools for specific jobs, and much more.

Example Video: How to Install a Door Handle

Dominic Sciulli’s Channel

Dominic Sciulli, Jr., of the second-generation Pennsylvania business Sciulli Concrete has a handful of videos on his own YouTube channel that will show you how to pour a concrete driveway or patio, then seal it. Take a look if you’ve got an ambitious concrete project coming up.

Example Video: How to Pour a Concrete Driveway (The Short Version)

Jeff Patterson’s Channel

Jeff Patterson from HomeRepairTutor.com has dozens of DIY home repair tutorials that are well-produced, informative and thorough. Highly recommended.

Example Video: How to Paint a Straight Ceiling Line

The Handyman Toolbox

Rick E. Patterson, no apparent relation to Jeff above, has a popular YouTube channel that really digs into the details of home repair, with instructions on how to clean grout, how to clean out a sewer line, and how to practice good safety when handling electrical lines.

Example Video: How To Patch A Sewer Drain Line Cap With Epoxy Putty

Home Addition Plus

Engineer and home remodeler Mark Donovan has an amazing collection of helpful tutorials on his channel. That’s probably why he has received more than 14 million views since he first launched hi YouTube page.

Example Video: How to Build a Bat House