Christmas in the Man Cave: 24 Gifts for Your Wishlist

Christmas In The Mancave: 24 Gifts For Your Wishlist

You know how Christmas catalogs usually have a section titled “What to get the man who has everything,” but then the page is just cufflinks and useless gadgets? Don’t fall for that mediocre stuff.

With just a little digging, we’ve uncovered a couple dozen gifts that would be right at home in the world’s best man caves. Is there room in your garage for a personal drone or a flying hovercraft? Because we know where you can find those things. If you’d rather go for a more sensible viking drinking horn or commissioned painted portrait, we’ve got those, too. And if you're really trying to blow his socks off this year be sure to check out these garage makeover ideas!

Cufflinks and gadgets don’t cut it anymore. The world is full of too many great things. Here are 24 of the best additions to any man cave you could imagine.

Gentlemanly Leisure

A man cave is a place of serious craft and study, but it is also a refuge from stress, a place where you can pursue hobbies and sports as you wish. The following gifts take the idea of leisure up a few notches.

This BlackLight Pool Table

Billards Toulet in France has designed one of the best-looking pool tables you can find anywhere. You can build your own, choose custom colors, and select options (including special lighting and a hi-def audio connection)here.

A Personal Drone

AirDog is an auto-follow drone on which you can mount a GoPro camera. The guys who created this thing actually got the idea from reading extreme sports forums, where they discovered surfers and big powder snowboarders needed a better way to get aerial shots of their sports.

So, they created a drone that can track your location via your smartphone and film you from above in a steady, awesome shot. AirDog was funded via Kickstarter and expects to ship orders by February 2015.

This Hand-Held Kitewing

Speaking of extreme sports, the creators of Kitewing have created what is basically a hand-held sail. If you kiteski, kitesurf or kiteboard, Kitewing gives you a lot more control over your speed and direction.

Your Own Bowling Alley

Fusion Bowling in Jacksonville, Florida, will build you a custom bowling alley, if your garage, man cave, or home in general has the space. The company notes that 90% of customers only ask for two lanes, if that helps in your decision making.

A Custom-Made Guitar

Mike Lull, who has been building and repairing guitars in the Seattle area since the 1970s, can make a killer custom guitar or bass for you. Lull became nationally well-known — at least outside of hardcore guitar and bass player circles — in 2012, when he delivered a custom bass for Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, who now lends his name to a signature line of basses Lull makes.

A 94Fifty Basketball

The 94Fifty is the most high-tech basketball available today. It looks and plays like a normal ball, but inside of it are sensors that record your movements — how you shoot, how you dribble, etc. All that data goes to your smartphone, which analyzes your game and can tell you what specific steps you can take to improve it.

A Point65 Modular Kayak

Swedish kayak makers Point65 have created a modular kayak that can be easily disassembled and put back together quickly. If you have limited space in your garage or in your vehicle, this is the kayak to get. Solo and tandem models are available.


No man cave would be complete without an assortment of drinking options. Here are a few gift ideas for anyone whose man cave is a dedicated brewing or entertaining space.

This Walk-In Cooler

KegWorks has a 51-square-foot walk-in cooler that can hold 30+ cases of beer and at least four kegs. It’s not the cheapest way to get beer straight from the tap, but it is among the coolest ways.

A Bourbon Barrel

The Lexington Container Company in Kentucky has plenty of 53-gallon oak barrels that were used to age bourbon, and anyone brewing stouts, aging cocktails or distilling spirits could put these to good use.

Custom Engraved Scotch Decanters

TealsPrairie on Etsy has these killer engraved whiskey decanters that would go great in any man cave, bedside table, or 1950s corner office.

A Viking Drinking Horn

If decanters are a little too civilized for your tastes, HearthfireNordicWear on Etsy has a two-foot-long drinking horn that should hold up to a liter of whatever you’re drinking. We’ll assume mead.

A Whiskey-of-the-Month Club Membership

Did you buy yourself some nice engraved decanters before you realized the only whiskey you have is a half fifth of Jameson? Tasters Club has you covered. Depending on which membership option you choose, they will send you a bottle of bourbon, scotch or some other style of whiskey every month, along with tasting notes and information that will turn you into a true connoisseur.

A Vulcan 20mm Beer Tap Handle

UpcycledAmmo on Etsy has found a bunch of great uses for old bullets, not least of which includes turning this 20-millimeter shell into a beer tap handle. And, actually, if you’re going for the Vulcan handle, you should probably pair it with these coasters below…

12-Gauge Coasters

Hey, the best man caves are all about coordination and commitment to a theme. has this set of four 12-gauge shotgun shell coasters, which will go over especially well when your hunter friends drop by.

Whiskey Stones

You can’t pour a guest two fingers of good bourbon then water it down with an ice cube. VelityDesigns on Etsy has some extra-large whiskey stones that will chill your drink, not water it down, and in general look cool in your glass.

A Box Brew Kit

If you don’t have much space but want to try small-batch beer brewing, Box Brew Kits are the way to go. They’re packaged so small that you can tuck one under the bed (or comfortably wrap it and put it under the tree).

Modes of Transportation

Some people make space in their garage to park their car. Some people just need a place for their flying hovercraft. It’s up to you, really.

Flying Hovercraft

Universal Hovercraft introduced its line of Hoverwing vehicles some years ago. The craft are only able to get a few feet off the ground, but that’s useful enough for clearing obstacles and blowing minds.

The HeliCat22

HeliCat has developed a catamaran that looks like a helicopter (thus the name) that is capable of cruising at steady speeds even on choppy, white-cap waters. The HeliCat team even promotes their machine as a convenient way to commute.

A Longboard

The generation that grew up with Tony Hawk videos and Beastie Boys records now have kids of their own. But between PTA meetings and mortgage payments, that itch to go skating pops up every now and again. Fortunately, Suji Boards & Co. in France have this 36” board that is perfect for cruising … and for introducing your kids to a world beyond the kick scooter.

But don’t break out that Paul’s Boutique vinyl just yet. The kids aren’t ready for that.

A Stealth-X Sled

New Zealand startup Snolo are creating a line of sleds intended for adults, made of carbon fiber and capable of high speeds. Hang on to this one until January or February, when it’s snow day at the man cave.

Comfort and Decor

As important as function is, a man cave must still be comfortable and inviting. Here are a few ideas so you can properly furnish your refuge.

Awesome Bar Stools

UrbanWoodGoods on Etsy makes a mean bar stool: Each one is available in heights from 19” to 30”, made of steel and reclaimed wood, and solid as a rock.

Awesome Bar Stools, Option 2

A nice alternative to the stools above are these welded stools from ScrapIronDesigns, which feature an old tractor seat mounted on an industrial pulley as the stool’s base.

Old Wall Maps

OuttakeCanvas in Riga, Latvia, make custom prints of old maps, like this one pictured above of Dublin. This might be the easiest way to add a touch of class and intrigue to the man cave. Position the map above the table where you keep your decanters and whiskey rocks for maximum effect.

A Commissioned Portrait

Dukes, barons and minor members of noble families have been commissioning their own portraits for centuries, and most of those guys never did anything meaningful. Thanks to the Painted Bliss art studio on Etsy, the rest of us are afforded the same luxury, starting at less than $100.

The artists work from a reference photo, so you have plenty of time to find and Photoshop yourself on top of a war horse, if you want to go for the classic portrait.

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