10 Best Linen Closet Organization Tips in 2020 - How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Your linen closet can be organized by using things like wicker chalkboard baskets. Things can be labeled and organized with time. Clip-on wire shelf dividers can be used with wood shelves in your closet. The Container Store has wire racks that can be attached to your closet door. They also have collapsible linen baskets that can be used to organize your closet. They also have an assortment of wire baskets and woven baskets that can be perfect for organizing. There is an over-the-door ironing board organizer that can be used too. You can also use a towel tree to keep your towels organized.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using baskets in the linen closet will help keep items from overflowing, and will secure them in the appropriate space.
  • There are a variety of basket materials to choose from, including wire, cloth, wicker, mesh, and plastic.
  • The back side of the linen closet door ca be use to hang items on, or for hooks.

“The key to really using your linen closet to its full potential? Taking advantage of the door space with an organizer like this. It gives you space for smaller items with shelves and a utility board.”

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