Top Reasons to Install a Floating Vanity in Your Bathroom

Floating Vanities have become more popular with the minimalist design movement becoming the latest trend. The advantage of a floating vanity is you are not restricted by height, you can adjust the height of the vanity to where you would like it. Cleaning is easier, just sweep underneath and mop. You will not have a lot of things gathered up in the back corners of the vanity or foster mold and mildew with the floating vanity. Floating Vanities are more customized and can meet your personality and design tastes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Floating Vanities are popular because of the minimalist design that has been in the fore front of design.
  • A floating Vanity can help you decide the range of height for you personally. You are not stuck with one set height of the vanity.
  • You can take care of it and clean it more easily. It will take mopping under the cabinet.

“Any homeowner knows that cleaning the bottom of a bathroom vanity is one of the most laborious chores around. Cosmetic products, such as hairspray, build up on the surface, along with loose hair, dirt, and mildew.”

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