Powder Coating is the Perfect Finish for Cabinets and Storage For Garage

Powder Coating is the Perfect Finish for Cabinets and Storage For Garage

Cabinets and storage for garage has to be extremely durable because of the harsh environment it will be in.  The best garage storage systems are powder coated, that's why GarageCabinets.com uses  powder coating on all there cabinet doors.

As mentioned, powder coating is an extremely durable finish that protects the wood and makes it resistant to moisture, grease and heavy wear.  Which is great, because after all, these cabinets are in the garage they are going to see heavy use.

What makes our process so unique and effective?

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) wrote an article explaining the our entire powder coating process.

Currently, PCI has more than 20,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) currently represents the North American powder coating industry. It focuses on promoting powder coating technology.

It also communicates the benefits of powder coating to manufacturers, consumers, and government.

Greenberg Casework Company Inc. (parent company of GarageCabinets.com) has been powder coating wood since 2007.  They are one of a handful of companies to powder coat on wood in North America. Powder coating first started on non conductive surfaces back in the 1990's.

Powder coating on metal is very common, in fact it is the most common finish on metal, and for good reason, it is very durable.  But powder coating on wood is considerably more complicated and finicky.  

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