Remodeling Activity to Increase Through 2021

During the pandemic, the sizes and budgets of remodeling projects decreased significantly in the wake of economic uncertainty, but research suggests that the actual numbers of projects increased. Quick industry survey also shows that this trend is likely to continue in 2021, with gradual return to normal as far as the average project budgets are concerned. While the situation on the market can change in the next few months, current signs point towards recovery in the remodeling and renovation sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is predicted, even though there was a dip this year, that in 2021, remodeling will rise back up again.
  • There is no way to truly be able to predict something like this, but the rises look promising.
  • The predictions are based on a system where they measure from poor to good, and a measure of 81 is great.

“While more Americans buy homes, many are content in keeping their property but investing more into remodeling projects.”

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