Preparing Your Garage For Summer

Preparing your garage for summer should be on the top of your priority list.

The weather is getting warmer one day at a time. There's something really exciting about summer. The sun, warm weather and being outside makes everyone's mood a little bit better. Some fun activities you can do are fishing, taking a walk around the park or even go for some ice cream. But the warm weather is also a great time to make home improvements, especially in the garage

Any type of weather can impact negatively your garage. This article will give you 5 methods to get your garage prepared for summer.

1.  Garage Door Inspection

Once it gets nice out, you want to take a look at your garage door and also the garage door remote system. It is important you look for signs of wear and tear.

There can always be loose bolts and screws that can cause serious issues down the road. Take a look if there's also any signs of rust.

The rust can eat through your metal garage door and leave holes.

This causes rain and other things to go into your garage and ruin the things you have stored inside.

If you do find rust, you don't necessarily have to replace the door. You can simply remove the rust and repair the door so it stops oxidizing.

Check out this article from Hunker to find out how you can get rid of rust.

2. Lubricating Your Garage Doors

Some times our garage doors can get stuck in between opening or closing It's happened to all of us. If you live in the Midwest like me, your garage door has gotten stuck when it's freezing outside. It is important to lubricate the garage doors at least once time a year. All you have to do is buy a garage door lubricant. You can find this in any home store for under $6. You use the lubricant on hinges, tracks, chains, pulleys and sliding gate rollers.

Not only is this a great way to keep your garage door functional, but it is also a much more cheaper alternative. By cheaper I mean it's so much better than having to buy a new garage door.

Check out this article from SF Gate that explains what kind of lube you should buy.

3. Clean Your Garage Door

We are always looking for ways to stay outside and enjoy the weather. Well, summer makes perfect weather to clean your garage door. Cleaning your garage door is one of the most important things you can do. Because your garage door is outside, it's full of dirt buildup.

Your garage door should always look just as good as your house. Having your garage clean also prolongs the life of your door. A garage door can run you a couple hundred dollars. A wash cloth a cleaning supplies can cost you a about $10.

Check this article from Mr. Clean where it explains how you can clean your garage door.

4. Insulating the Garage

Insulating your garage helps either to maintain it fresh during the summer or warmer during the winter.

Insulation is material that stops heat, sound, or electricity from escaping or entering.

You will see a big difference in your electricity bill when insulating. Your furnace or air conditioner will use less energy to maintain the temperature you want.

You might think that it can cost you a lot of money to do the job but that's not completely true.

If you don't have the money to hire a professional to do it, you can always do it yourself. All you need to do is buy certain material.

Check out this article from Family Handyman that tells you exactly how to do it yourself.

5. Getting Rid of Clutter

It is also very important to declutter your garage. Most of us use our garage to store things we don't know where to store. If you're anything like me, you probably store your seasonal decorations in the garage. Well, in order for our garage to look nice, we have to have a garage storage system, and luckily we have a blog post that will help you choose the right garage cabinets for your needs!

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