Transforming Garage Chaos into Organized Bliss with Tall Garage Storage Cabinets

Before Picture

After Picture

At, we're dedicated to helping our customers turn their cluttered garages into efficient and stylish spaces. Today, we're thrilled to share the story of Michelle, who recently transformed their garage with our premium 24-inch deep cabinets. Here’s how they found us and why they chose to partner with for their garage storage needs.


Michelle first learned about through online searching. Frustrated with their garage's open shelving and the clutter it caused, they were looking for a solution to enclose and organize their tools and other belongings. "Our garage was a mess with open shelves," Susan explains. "Tools and equipment were everywhere, and it made finding things a constant challenge."

Adding Cabinets Using the Design Tool & Getting Expert Design Help

One of the standout features for Michelle was the ability to customize her cabinets to the exact depth she needed, with the guidance of one of our designers. "I was impressed that I could customize the depth of the cabinets without incurring additional charges," Michelle recalls. The designer at worked closely with Michelle to ensure every inch of space in her garage was maximized. 

Michelle found that the transparent pricing model at made her decision easy. All she had to do was pay for the material cost of the cabinets. There were no surprise fees or hidden charges, which made the entire process straightforward.

"Having cabinets that were deep enough to store all our tools neatly was a big plus," Michelle notes.

Finalizing the Purchase

What stood out most to Michelle was not only the practical sizing of the cabinets but also their aesthetic appeal. "We liked the clean look and sturdy build of the cabinets," Michelle recalls. "Plus, the fact that offered designing services was a huge convenience for us."

The Transformation

Now, walking into their garage, Michelle describes the difference as "night and day." "The transformation is incredible,". "From chaotic to organized—it's a complete turnaround." The powder coat finish on the cabinets adds an industrial touch that enhances the overall look and durability.

Customer Service Excellence

Throughout the process, Michelle was impressed with the customer service she received from "We had some logistical challenges with delivery," she explains. "But Brian from went above and beyond. ‘He coordinated with Saia to navigate our steep driveway and ensure our cabinets were delivered safely.”

For Michelle, choosing for their garage cabinets was the right decision. "Despite not seeing a sample kit beforehand, the photo gallery gave us confidence in our choice," Michelle reflects. "Now, with our garage beautifully organized and everything in its place, we couldn't be happier."

Ready to transform your garage like Michelle did?