40 Interior Designers on Twitter You Should Absolutely Follow

38 Interior Designers You Should Absolutely Follow On Twitter!

1TremblayRon 2angelandblume 3rwarddesign 4JamesSwan 5ISDDesigners 6HomeAdore 7eklektikdesign 8ChristinaHaire 9LivingWithWhite 10FreshDesignBlog 11DesignInHome 12milleniondesign 14Surroundings 15AliciaFriedmann 16Hunted_Interior 18DearDesigners 19NYInteriorDesign20DecorDove 2 14WallsDesign 22SophieInteriors 23TheLuxeInterior 24NoirBlancDesign 25NicheInteriors 26WPLDesign 27_InteriorDesign 28JSEppsDesign 29HomeDesignLover 30jblovesdesign 31CreateGirl 32GingerBrewton 34DesignerTweets 36Homepolish 38KellyWearstler 39designmanifest 40sherrydesigns

It’s easy for interior design aficionados and professionals alike to keep up on the latest industry news from sites such as Interior Design News (@I_D_News) or to get design tips from Interior Design Pro (@DesignProNews). Finding individual interior designers on Twitter you might want to follow is another story — that requires a dedicated focus (there’s great reading out there) and plenty of research time.

Of course, you could always just dive right in to our big list of 40 interior designers with your finger on the follow button:

Ron Tremblay Designs, @TremblayRon

Interior designers, @AngelandBlume

Rebecca Ward, @rwarddesign

JamesSwan, @JamesSwan

ISDDesigners, @ISDDesigners

Home Adore, @HomeAdore

Interior Designers, @eklektikdesign

CH Interior Design, @ChristinaHaire

Living With White, @LivingWithWhite

Fresh Design Blog, @FreshDesignBlog

Interior Design, @DesignInHome

MILLENION Design, @milleniondesign

IDS National, @idsnational

Linda Merrill, @Surroundings

AF Interior Design, @AliciaFriedmann

The Hunted Interior, @Hunted_Interior

Carole King, @DearDesigners

NY INTERIOR DESIGN, @NYinteriordesig

♥ Interior Design, @decordove

4 Walls Design, @4wallsdesign

Sophie Paterson, @SophieInteriors

The Luxe Interiors, @theluxeinterior

Barbara Segal @NoirBlancDesign

Niche Interiors, @NicheInteriors

WPL Interior Design, @WPLdesign

Trudy Mercy Brown, @_InteriorDesign

JSE Interior Design, @JSEppsDesign

homedesignlover, @homedesignlover

Jen Bertrand Design, @jblovesdesign

Julieann Covino, @CreateGirl

Ginger Brewton, @gingerbrewton

Lori Andrews, @designertweets

Mix And Chic, @MixandChic

Homepolish, @Homepolish

Jamie Herzlinger, @JamieHerzlinger

Kelly Wearstler, @kellywearstler

Naomi Stein, @designmanifest

Sherry Hart, @sherryhdesigns

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