Using A Garage Storage Design For An Animal Shelter Office

We often think that a garage storage design is used specifically for a garage, but, it doesn't have to be. Garage storage cabinets are a great addition to any room in the house or in this case, an animal shelter. In this particular case, Iberville Parish Animal Shelter in Plaquemine, LA. used a garage storage design for their office space. 

Iberville Parish Animal Shelter needed to store various supplies necessary to operate a well-run animal shelter. They needed to have something that was both functional and a good fit aesthetically.

That's when they reached out to and talked to a project manager.

This wasn't the first time that designed garage storage cabinets for a space other than a garage. Their previous experience helped them know exactly what the animal shelter wanted.

The project manager worked very closely with the architect to add both storage and counter top space that would optimize the use of each area.

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Design Process

An architect in charge of the animal shelter sent the measurements they needed and colors they wanted. The animal shelter wanted all it's cabinets to be the color pewter brush and the doors to be the color pewter.

All of the cabinets and counter tops from this job were going into 3 exam rooms (156 sq. ft. each), a laundry room (194 sq. ft.), and a break room (233 sq. ft.). 

With as much information about each room, the project manager started drawing out what could work for the space and the final result for each room turned out spectacular.

#110 Exam Room 

The project manager knew that each exam room is 156 sq. ft. This exam room needed 4 cabinets, a countertop and a matching backsplash. Here is where the project manager drew out the room and designed the garage storage system according to the measurements that were given to him.

exam room 110

A four drawer 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D is right in the middle of couple of two door 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D base cabinets. Those are topped with a 98"L black urethane Impact Coating counter top and matching back splash. The base units sits partially beneath a set of windows. This is why there's just one single door 16 1/2"W x 31"H x 16"D upper cabinet above the left side base cabinet.

#117 Exam Room

Exam Room 117 needed only one 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 16"D upper cabinet unit for storage.

exam room 117

#108 Exam Room

Exam Room #108 needed a counter top and storage cabinets on two walls.

Wall #1

This wall had the same base cabinet configuration as Exam Room #110.

exam room 108 wall 1

The picture above shows a four drawer 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D between a couple of two door 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D base cabinets. These cabinets are topped with a 98"L black urethane Impact Coating countertop and a matching backsplash.

Above the base units are (3) 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 16"D upper cabinets.

Wall #2

On the opposite wall, Wall #2, there is a 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D (5) drawer base cabinet and a 16 1/2"W x 31"H x 24"D (4) drawer base. The 82"W stainless steel counter top extends past those cabinets for 33 1/4" to an end panel to create a knee hole space. All of the upper cabinets above are 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 12"D.

This allowed the shelter to have as many garage cabinets possible in all empty wall spaces. 

Laundry Room

The Laundry Room also has storage and counter tops on two walls.

Wall #1

Not a lot had to be added to wall #1 of the laundry room. The project manager sketched out the washer and dryer to be able to fit the cabinets perfectly on the left side.

Only two tall cabinets are placed inside the laundry room. Both of these cabinets measure 32 1/4"W x 75"H x 24"D and the units sit on the left side next to the washer and dryer.

The two tall cabinets are nothing fancy but they make a great addition to the room. Something as simple as this can make a big difference.

Wall #2

Wall #2 had a little bit more things to work with. On this side of the room there was a door that is 71 in. tall and a sink right next to it. Iberville Parish Animal Shelter wanted to put cabinets on the left side of the sink. 

The project manager from suggested to put three 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 16"D upper cabinets. Below, an 89 1/4" black urethane Impact Coating countertop and backsplash sit on top of two 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D double door base cabinets. The countertop and backsplash extend past the base cabinets 24 3/4" to a standalone end panel.


Iberville Parish Animal Shelter also added garage storage cabinets to it's breakroom. A breakroom should be an enjoyable space where workers can have their lunch and feel relaxed. For the animal shelter, this was important.

This is why the project manager mapped out the breakroom with something that would be enjoyable for all the employees.

The project manager added 3 maple butcherblock countertop areas. Two of those are freestanding which gives employees a place to sit down and eat.

The third maple countertop has a two door 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 24"D base cabinet and a four drawer 16 1/2"W x 31"H x 24"D base unit underneath. And above there is a two door 32 1/4"W x 31"H x 12"D upper cabinet.

When you take a look at all the pictures, you see that the cabinets are spread across various rooms. This doesn't show how big a job this really was. Even though this wasn't the first project of outside of a garage, it was still challenging.

This was the first time provided cabinets to an animal shelter.

Iberville Parish Animal Shelter did need additional help from a local vendor to provide the stainless steel counter top.

Don't let the name fool you. There are dozens of ways you can use garage storage cabinets throughout your house or your business.

One of our project managers will always help you with whatever project. Start out creating your design with our online design tool or speak directly to a project manager.