30 Garage Builders That Homeowners Throughout the Midwest Should Know

See Garage Builders From A Number of Midwest States

30 Garage Builders Midwest Homeowners Should Know

See Garage Builders From A Number of Midwest States

Is your garage looking a little less than stellar these days? If so, you may feel reluctant to use it for much of anything, let alone as a place for recreation or hobbies.

Whether your garage needs an upgrade or has to be built from the ground up, homeowners in the Midwest should consider these 30 garage builders in five states including Iowa, Kansas and more. They can spruce up almost any garage and do plenty of other renovation jobs around the house too.

Check out these before and after garages for inspiration about your own garage renovation! And if it seems overwhelming to pick between companies for a job this big, read our article on how to find an installer that you can trust!


Midwest Builders

The aptly-named Midwest Builders in Ankeny have been serving Iowans for more than 50 years. They began with garages, expanding with customer demand to include windows, siding and patios. Homeowners can have a one or two-car garage expanded to a three-car space, or request the addition of an attached garage to their home.

The Garage Guys

With locations across Iowa, including Cedar Falls, Ames, Des Moines and Marion, The Garage Guys are pros at customization, and customers are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. No matter the stage of your garage remodel project, feel free to call The Garage Guys. They can take care of jobs like getting inspections and permits, carpentry, garage excavation and removing any leftover messes.

Premier Construction Services

Premier Construction Services in Des Moines does more than just build garages. They can also redesign a backyard and fix up a kitchen, sunroom and more. When it comes to garages, they’ll construct almost any kind, including three-car garages, garages with attics and garage expansions. If you’ve been thinking of getting a bigger space to store all your tools and equipment, you should consider this company.

GRA RE Builders

Another Des Moines business, GRA RE Builders, is also known for its deck and driveway work. The company’s general contractors are renowned for their business sense and customer service, bolstered by 30 years in the industry. They’re available for consultations by phone so customers can learn more about their options for remodeling their garage.

Action Garage Builders

Action Garage Builders are responsible for improving thousands of garages across the state. Founded in 1972, this Waterloo company does all its building on-site at its warehouse. Upon completion, the prefabricated parts are transferred and used to erect the garage.


Grissom Garage Builders, Inc.

Mike Austin, who runs Grissom Garage Builders, Inc., carries on a family legacy forged in 1951. The Redford business focuses on all aspects of home improvement, from porch enclosure installation and new windows to rebuilding garages. Austin is involved in every project his company takes on.

Tri-City Builders

Another family garage business in Michigan is Tri-City Builders. Based in Westland, this company was founded in 1967 and has been passed down over two generations. Serving parts of Michigan including Garden City, Flat Rock, New Boston, Dearborn Heights, Romulus, Inkster and more, the contractors can rebuild garages as well as houses.

Miller Garages

Do you want to take your ordinary garage and make it extraordinary? Miller Garages in Roseville is a good choice. Not only will they build garages for one to three cars, they’ll also make space for a garage furnace (perfect for those with a garage workshop) and car stackers and car lifts (great for those who enjoy car maintenance or restoration as a hobby).

All in One Builders

Calling themselves “the ABCs of building,” Grand Rapids business All in One Builders specializes in remodeling home exteriors and interiors, specifically rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. They’ll also build new structures like garages and barns.

Jay-Bilt Construction

Jay-Bilt Construction and its Livonia builders recognizes the importance of a durable cement pour when building garages. In addition to building the garage, the team can take care of paving the driveway, installing the garage door and getting the electricity in the garage up and running.


Regency Garages

As garage building specialists, Regency Garages in Addison have teamed up with many brand name manufacturers for siding material, shingles, wood trim, lifts, overhead doors and more. Chicagoland homeowners can choose the size of their new garage on Regency’s website or have it customized. Home consultations are available.

Danley’s Garage World

With its long history in Chicago (the company was founded in 1959), Danley’s Garage World is a city staple. The company says it’s designed and constructed 200,000 garages at last count. You can choose the size of your garage ahead of time at Danley’s or get it customized for even more space.

American Garage Builders

Ray Young founded American Garage Builders in 1973, designing and building garages for customers in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. He and his team work out of a framing mill, where the garages are assembled. Fleet trucks then drive the materials to the homeowner, and the garage is set up onsite.

Chicagoland Garage Builders

Melrose Park’s Chicagoland Garage Builders are an option for homeowners who want something extra when renovating or building their garages. This company offers a lot of specialized services, such as backfilling, demolition, sealing concrete, adding reverse or retaining walls, and installing patios and driveways.

Steele & Loeber

One of the oldest garage building companies in Chicago, Steele & Loeber was founded in 1947. Garages can be customized or pre-built and are built from the ground up, never prefabricated. The builders finish each new garage with soffit and fascia detailing, a top plate, security bars, a steel door jamb, steel corner brackets and steel roof braces.


One Day Garage

One Day Garage in Hubbard specializes in just that: garages that are done sooner. The company was established in 1974. Other services One Day Garage offers include repaving driveways, building patio enclosures and sun roofs, expanding rooms in the home or the garage and building decks and barns.

The Great Garage Company

Cuyahoga County residents can call on The Great Garage Company in North Royalton for free estimates. The company, which dates back to 1959, will come out a client’s home to discuss their needs. Don’t stress about getting the electricity or sewers ready in the garage, as the builders will take care of that and remove any leftover parts once the work is done.

The Garage Gurus

Having renovated local historic properties, The Garage Gurus use that background to “work with even the strictest of architectural review boards and within the most complex zoning regulations.” Ask for a standalone or attached garage or get a customized space. With shutters, windows, stone stucco or brick detailing, the garage will be appealing.

Lally Garage Builders

Michael Lally’s company Lally Garage Builders in Bedford Heights can restore an old garage or build a new one from scratch. They’ll install siding and roofing so the garage blends in with the house. If something ever happens to the garage, like weather damage, Lally and the crew can even come out and fix it.

Miami Valley Garage Builders

Miami Valley Garage Builders services Ohioans in Columbus, Cincinnati, Springfield and Dayton. The company has been building garages for nearly 40 years, adding customized garages to its list of services in 2004. Using steel and concrete for the foundation, a homeowner’s garage will be durable.


Brunson Builders

General contractors Brunson Builders offer free estimates for the job you’d like done, whatever it is: a room addition, garage restoration or something else entirely. The company also installs garage door openers, which is an added security benefit as they are generally theft-proof.

Southwestern Remodeling

While Wichita’s Southwestern Remodeling will refurbish or rebuild just about any room in the home, including basements, bathrooms and kitchens, the builders are also adept at exterior structures like garages. They excel at modern garage design so homeowners can have a contemporary recreational space or a cool workshop.

Karst Garages

Jeff Karst, the owner and founder of Karst Garages, has worked in the garage industry for more than two decades. Cedar and vertical siding, both of which Karst offers, can spruce up any garage. All Karst garages include Masonite texturing, a roof overhang, roof trusses, sealed insulation, bottom plates and concrete flooring.

Ewing Home Improvement

Need to save some money on your energy bill? Get in touch with Ewing Home Improvement. They can fit your garage (and the rest of your home) with siding and windows that reduce energy usage, saving on monthly energy bills. Almost any design is possible: for instance, Ewing can redo a garage for a customer who wants to use the space as an auto shop.

Blue Ribbon Construction

Founded in 1980, Blue Ribbon Construction has close ties to the residents of Wichita. Customers are often involved in the garage design process. The contractors will come out and insulate the garage, add windows and a new door and spruce up a boring concrete floor with pretty tiles.


Living Space Construction

With their aim of “improving the space where you live, “Living Space Construction in St. Louis fixes up decks, porches, pool houses, carriage houses and garages. Although they mostly do renovations, Living Space Construction does complete construction too.

Brookfield Builders

Named after the city in Missouri in which it’s located, Brookfield Builders are known for their roofing work. However, the company also builds post-frame homes, garages, horse barns and more. The majority of these structures have metal roofs, which seems to be a Brookfield trademark.

Garages & More

Marcus and Jonathan are the two main contractors at Garages & More in Neosho. The metal garages and pole barn structures they build are durable, engineered to survive heavy snowfall. The team offers 20 colors from which to choose, including pewter gray, dark green, burnished slate, rustic red and ocean blue.

The Building Pros

Run by owner Dan Kammerer, The Building Pros has a 20-year history in Arnold. The company focuses on exterior and interior redesigns. If you want a detached garage, you’ve found the right place, as this is among the many services offered.

Classic Buildings

Serving residents in Swansea, St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, Columbia and more, Classic Buildings has a sizeable customer base that appreciates its building design and range of options. Customers can choose the color of their garage and whether they want extra features like bars, hinges and trim work.

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