See How A Bicycle Enthusiast Built His Own Garage Bike Storage

Any of you bike enthusiasts ever thought about having a garage bike storage?  A place where not only you can store your bikes but also maintain them.  

A biker from California, named Joe, came up with some creative garage storage ideas, that you might be interested in.

First Step: Brainstorming Ideas

Joe knew he needed his own space in his garage where he could dedicate his free time to his bikes.

He came up with many garage storage ideas. After looking at all his options, he thought the best idea was to buy straight from the garage cabinet manufacturers. This would allow Joe to choose the color he wanted and the sizes he needed. After all, Joe was the only one that knew what he needed exactly and how he wanted things organized. That's when he came across

Second Step: The Design Process

On, Joe was able to use the online design tool to design his perfect garage cabinet system. It allowed him to choose dozens of cabinet styles and sizes to fit his garage bike storage. The best part of it is that he saw exactly how his garage storage system will look in his garage. 

online design tool

Joe knew he needed a lot of garage store bins to store all his tools. Not only was he going to store his tools used for bikes but other equipment as well. He needed all the space he could get to be able to work on his bikes and of course, other things as well. Joe knew he wanted his cabinets to be burgundy but he needed help to decide what size cabinets were best.

That's when the project manager from came in. The project manager made some suggestions so that Joe could accommodate all his items.

The different sizes would allow Joe to store drills, flash lights, tools, tape, and so much more. 

Step Three: Order and Install The Cabinets

Once Joe was completely satisfied with the cabinets he chose, he placed his order. From the convenience of his home, Joe placed the order and had it shipped to his house a week later.

All hardware are included and everything was pre-drilled for easy assembly.

After receiving the cabinets, Joe then started assembling the individual cabinet boxes. He received instructions completely detailed about the easy assembly. And if Joe needed more information, there were videos online for him to view. The video shows step-by-step how to assemble. But, if he had additional questions, his project manager was always available to help.

And after a little time and a couple of basic tools, he completed his cabinets and started storing.

Look at the picture above, you can see there are charging ports for all the drills that Joe has. Leaving his cabinets clean and not having cords all over the place.

In addition, the project manager suggested a rolling cabinet. The rolling cabinet would allow him to store his most used tools used for his bikes. That way, whenever Joe needed to work on his bikes, he could do it anywhere around the garage. Pretty unique, right?

Final Result

Before you take a look at Joe's final result, you should know that Joe assembled it all himself. The only help he needed was from the project manager that made some suggestions of what was right for him. The project manager knew spot on what Joe needed, without being physically in his house.

If you can look closely at the photos, you can tell he did a pretty good job if you ask me.

Now, Joe has built his own man cave, which he will probably spend lots of time in. Joe will now be able to use his entire garage, not only to work on his bikes, but other things he needs as well. 

Take a look at all the extra space Joe has in his garage. He even bought a wall mounted bike rack to place the bikes so they won't get in the way of other things. Now, he can store his car and bikes without them cramped up.

Now that you've seen how Joe did it, you can now get your own garage storage ideas. If you need help, try reading this article: How to Organize Your Garage

Try the online design tool yourself so you can get an idea on how you want your garage bike storage to look like.