What are WorkSpace garage cabinets made from? 

What are the features and benefits to the homeowner?

From start to finish WorkSpace garage cabinets are built to last. We use only high quality materials that have been selected to withstand the environment found in the garage and give you many years of dependable, trouble-free service. 

Why do we use MDF for our cabinets?

MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a durable wood product that is sustainable and is environmentally friendly. MDF is an ideal material to work with since it can be easily cut and shaped, and its smooth surface is perfect for powder coatinf or laminate.

Our cabinet side panels, shelves and back panels are all constructed from 3/4” MDF in industrial grade M2 melamine laminate. This laminate features InCopper™ antimicrobial technology which has been specially formulated to protect against fungal growth, such as mold and mildew, on the surface of the panel. The antimicrobial protection of InCopper™ does not dissipate or lose strength for the lifetime of the intact panel surface. 


These laminates are available in four color options to complement the powder-coated door colors to give you the custom look you want.

Our doors and drawer fronts are constructed from 3/4” MDF and powder coated for durability. We powder coat these panels in a choice of five attractive colors to mix and match with the side panels. Powder coating is applied to all sides of these panels, creating a durable, seamless finish that is superior to paint, plastics or laminates. The beautiful finish withstands most normal wear and tear and will not fade over time.

Powder coating for garage cabinets: Why is it better?

Powder coating creates a seamless finish that is nearly impervious to moisture and humidity and is highly resistant to most household chemicals. Powder coating is not only atractive, and is superior to paint, plastic or laminates

Powder coating creates an extremely durable finish, but until recently was available only on metal. We were a pioneer in powder coating wood (MDF) and have perfected and patented the process we use. Unlike most other powder coated garage cabinet manufacturers, we do all of our powder coating in-house, giving us full control over the quality and consistency of the finish. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that does not require a solvent and contains no heavy metals, solvents or VOCs.

See more about our powder-coating process (link)


Drawer Boxes feature superior materials and construction

Our drawer boxes are constructed from premium Baltic Birch plywood, and feature dovetail construction for strength and durability to withstand a lifetime of use. The top edges of the sides feature a veneer banding for a smooth attractive finish. We pair our drawer boxes with full extension drawer glides that are rated for 100lb. capacity.

Quality hardware provide years of dependable service

All of the hardware we use - drawer glides, hinges, pulls and fasteners - have been selected for superior performance in the garage environment, and carry a no-worry Lifetime Warranty to ensure you will enjoy your cabinets for a long time.

Durable work surfaces for any need

We offer two work surfaces from which to choose. Our durable butcher block countertops are attractive and are perfect for light to medium use. A final clear coating is applied to keep them looking great for years.

For ultimate durablity, choose our Impact Coating countertop, which combines polyurethane and polyurea (the same stuff used on truck beds) to produce a tough and durable coating with great impact resistance, is highly chemical and water resistant and is environmentally safe.

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We source our materials from a plant in Michigan, right here in the U.S.A.