Cabinet Conundrum: How to Choose the Right Garage Cabinets for Your Needs

garage cabinets

Cabinet Conundrum: How to Choose the Right Garage Cabinets for Your Needs

garage cabinets

Home improvement projects are a $400 billion industry. Outside of house-flipping to turn a profit, people are more inclined to stay rooted. Renovating the parts of your home that you are unhappy with is a great investment.

The most popular areas of renovation are the kitchen and the bathroom. The garage is an underestimated place to boost the value of the home. Most garage spaces are crowded, barebones, and limited in utility.

Adding garage cabinets is one way to completely change the way you look at your spaces. This can be a big investment, of course. You'll want to prepare your space to get the most beneficial cabinet setup.

This guide will cover all the necessary prep work and key elements to consider when buying cabinets.

Clear It Out

Before making any major decisions, get your space cleaned and organized. Yes, you're getting garage cabinets because you don't have storage. That doesn't mean you should go from messy to new ways to hoard.

By downsizing and organizing beforehand, you can finalize your floorplan better. Itemize the list of things you will be putting into garage wall cabinets. Make note of the number of things you have in each category.

This will also help you get an idea about the types of cabinets and the quality of build you need. There's no need to make all your cabinets heavy duty metal if most of your stuff is lightweight/non-industrial.

Sizing Things Up

Your next priority is to survey your property. The garage can be a very unforgiving environment. Moisture, dirt, and dust find their way onto every surface. You'll need to make sure you're looking at cabinets that are rated to handle these elements.

Make special considerations for your cabinets if you'll have kids coming through. It's a good idea to invest in secure garage storage cabinets, regardless. Don't make things any easier for a thief to rummage through and see what you have.

Maximizing Your Space

After taking measurements of your floor space, start looking at garage wall cabinets. Overhead storage racks can really save you a lot of space. They'll also make your workflow much more intuitive and efficient.

Rolling garage cabinets are also a great idea to have if you plan on using your garage for other events and activities. Make your better half happy knowing that the garage is available and accessible for them, too.

Always plan your storage spaces with a little buffer of one to two feet. You might think you have precise measurements, but you won't know until it's done. Having an extra six inches to maneuver your car can make a huge difference.

Going New or Used

Buying second-hand tools and equipment for cars or yard work is commonplace. It makes sense to look for used garage tool storage gear. It might not be ideal for anyone looking for fancy furnishings, however.

Most of the used stuff coming out of peoples garages fall into one of two categories: forgotten or heavily used. Scratches, dents, and dings are all going to be commonplace for garage furnishings. You'll probably have a patchwork theme going on, too, if you go the used route.

We don't recommend buying used cabinets to save money on any metal or premium wood furnishings. Powder-coated steel cabinets can seem expensive if you buy them new, but they will last you a lifetime.

When to Customize

Custom garage cabinets become very tempting when planning your garage's makeover. In most cases, you don't need to have all the customized work done to your garage. The exceptions here are those who run a business out of their garage and require large tools to do work.

Your average setup utilizing workbenches, table saws, and standalone equipment can work around cabinet pieces. Customized cabinetry will definitely get you the most working space when done professionally. Sometimes this process can take a while, as they try to match your vision and goals.

Try to get custom quotes first before any work is started. This way you can negotiate price and get a feel for how each contractor operates.

Aesthetically, custom garage tool storage is going to make your home stand out. This will add to your home's value and give it a defining characteristic over other listings. It's worth considering if you plan on selling in the future.

Custom Options for Garage Cabinets

These are just a few ways you can customize your storage setup:

  • Custom colors and style themes
  • Incorporated plumbing, vents, and outlets
  • Self-closing drawers
  • Embedded electronic devices
  • Charging stations and power generators
  • Hidden recycling/garbage bins
  • Custom lighting mounts/recessed lights

All of these examples count as basic features. When accounting for hobbyist tools and large equipment, seek out experienced carpenters. Those who understand your trade will deliver the best product, even if they charge a higher premium.

If your custom build allows you to work faster and focus better, the price is worth it. Not to mention, the improvements to overall workshop safety with an improved garage space.

Get More From Your Garage

Start doing some brainstorming today about what you want your garage to look like. What do you need to store in your garage? Will garage cabinets change the way you use the space?

Once you have a solid estimate of your total budget, decide on the cabinets' build quality. Start getting estimates from cabinet supplies if you don't want to buy used. If you need help deciding how to organize your garage storage space, we have your back.

You can contact us for help planning, creating, and executing the garage space of your dreams. At Garage Cabinets, we've been helping build garage spaces since 1985. All our work is done in-house by a team of experts with a passion for carpentry.