A Man Cave For Her: 23 Inspirational and How-To She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas To Get You Started

23 She Shed Ideas To Build The Perfect Space For Her

She Shed Ideas To Get You Started

You’re probably already familiar with the man cave; we’ve written about them before. Some lucky fellas even have man caves of their very own. Perhaps for you that's your newly renovated dream garage!

Well, it’s not just a boy’s club anymore. The woman’s answer to the man cave, the she shed, has gained rapid momentum lately. These havens can be as quaint and feminine or colorful and funky as the imagination allows. A proper garage makeover is one route many choose to create that much desired personal and creative space.

If you’re intrigued, we’ve got all sorts of how-tos, resources and more so you can make your own she shed (or at the very least find some inspiring ideas for the things you can do with a little outdoor space and a whole lot of imagination).


Lighter Side of Real Estate

The Lighter Side of Real Estate blog highlights several chic she sheds that can give you some good ideas of your own. Just take a look at the one that Anne and Ian Bate (No. 10) designed: Inside, it looks just like a diner from the 1950s, complete with old school decor, checkered flooring, bright red leather seats, a booth and even a refrigerator. Now that’s dedication.

Trish Martin on Pinterest

Trish Martin (or Trailer Trish, as she calls herself on Pinterest) has taken the lead in demonstrating how anyone can transform a humble shed into a place of beauty and refuge. Check out the nearly 200 she sheds Martin has gathered from around the web for inspiration.

In Honor of Design

If you need a quiet, secluded spot to let your creativity shine, follow the example of a woman named Courtney, who runs Honeycomb Studio. Her space definitely qualifies as a she shed. Although by no means compact, this gorgeous white space — with large windows and red door — seems like the perfect place to create some masterpieces.

Joyful Paws

Already on board with building a she shed for yourself? You need to read Barbara Techel’s post on Joyful Paws, if only to confirm your decision. Barbara uses her pretty blue cottage for writing … and for bringing about a new level of happiness to her marriage.


This United Kingdom blog is passionate about all things shed-related. You’ll definitely find a collection of some of the prettiest she sheds here — from the simplest wooden ones to those finished with shingles and a vibrant coat or two of paint. There’s even one devoted to the dog, which is an ingenious idea if your four-legged friend is another member of the family.

Kristina Sorrelli’s Flipboard Page

Kristina Sorrelli has created a Flipboard dedicated to these lovely little sheds. Celebrate summertime with a bigger shed painted light blue that uses a draped American flag as interior decor, or try placing curtains in the entryway for an added effect.

Tiny House Talk

No space? No problem. Tiny House Talk is a website that focuses on building houses and other structures in as little space available. The site’s blog has a very informative post about she sheds that take up only 100 square feet of space. Yes, you read that right. Of course, this cozy hideaway doesn’t scrimp on quality. They do say that good things come in small packages.


Nancy Polanco-Chansavang of Mode has helpfully compiled a number of articles and posts that she has written on she sheds that are scattered across the Internet and linked them all on one site. Her writing includes pictures of other amazing sheds as well as what supplies you need to get started on making your own.

Summerwood Product’s SummerStyle Blog

Summerwood Products is a Canadian company that sells structures of all kinds, including sheds. Naturally, its blog, SummerStyle, digs deeper into the popular she shed trend, focusing on several women that have created amazing little retreats. One talented designer from Wisconsin named Kathy Taylor transitioned her shed into a 96-square-foot jewelry store; a Californian named Charlotte uses hers a bit more traditionally to store tools.


Laura Gaskill, a mother and writer, runs Lolalina, a blog all about improving the home. In one post, she expands on the she shed even further, suggesting that it can be purposed as a great playing and creating spot for the kids. Gaskill’s own shed is used mostly for art and sewing, and it comes complete with a sturdy table, chairs, numerous sewing machines and bright, open lighting.

The Inspired Room

Having the distinction of being Better Homes & Gardens Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog for 2014, Melissa Michaels’ blog, The Inspired Room, is a must-see for a gathering of precious she sheds. Some have a more refined appearance while others give off a very DIY vibe. No matter what your tastes, there’s something for everyone here.

How-Tos and Tips

In the Harbor

Curious about plumbing or whether you can bring lamps or other lights out to the shed? Realty resource In the Harbor answers these basic questions and more.

Reclaim Yourself Retreat

Although not called a she shed by name, the shed featured in Christine Ishmael’s how-to on her blog, Reclaim Yourself Retreat, boasts the same adorable charm. This tiny structure is livened up with windows, shutters, an outdoor light and a lime green door. Detailed pictures show each part of the shed if you want to recreate it.

Cook Portable Warehouses

If you want to rent or buy a basic shed to decorate, Cook Portable Warehouses offers these and more. Once the paint has dried, the company’s blog offers some good tips on where to go to find kitschy items for around your shed that won’t break the bank. Setting up a good budget that you can stick to is important for any home project, she sheds included.

Salamander Stoves

Salamander Stoves blogger Mark spoke with one she shed owner named Catherine Simpson, who stresses the importance of insulating your shed just as you would the rest of your house. It’s an important place to keep nice and toasty during the colder months.

House to Home

House to Home, a decorative site that also helps people buy their first home, has put together a great buyer’s guide to sheds and summer homes. This piece implores you to think about where you’ll put your shed and how much room that you’ll need. The spot you choose for your shed influences how much sunlight it gets and to what degree it’s exposed to the elements.

Addo Recovery

Addiction and trauma treatment Addo Recovery writer Robbie Dorius actually has some pretty great advice pertaining to how to furnish your she shed, which he argues has its own therapeutic benefits. Dorius first reminds you that “your she shed does not have to mirror the staged sheds on the internet.” He also suggests that you decorate with “things that warm your heart with a feeling of gladness and joy.”

“I know [she sheds can seem] far-fetched, especially when you begin to weigh in all the responsibilities you might have as a mother, a wife and friend,” Dorius concedes. “But just think how owning a personal space can transform your soul.”

Rhiannon’s Interiors

With more than a decade of design experience, Rhiannon Gillis knows a few things about creating a beautiful space. While this blog post pertains to mobile she sheds, her tips to “ponder your decorating theme and color scheme” apply to stationary she sheds similarly.


The lifestyle site Stimuli’s tagline is “sharing life’s little obsessions,” which seems apt considering how gaga some people have gone over she sheds. This helpful post breaks down seven points that you need to consider for your space, including “a place to sit or lay down,” “lots of light and plants,” “an area to entertain friends” and “wall art and quotes for inspiration.”

Aarons Outdoor Living

Although Polly Creevey wrote this blog post for Aarons Outdoor Living around Mother’s Day, you can and should use this she shed how-to information all year long. Creevey explains how to measure your space, the best colors to choose, decorating ideas and storage suggestions to keep the space organized.

How to Build a Shed

If you plan to construct your own she shed from the ground up, the website How to Build a Shed will be your best friend. Although it focuses on sheds for storage and gardening purposes, you can fill your four walls with anything you like. Learn how to draw out a foundational plan and make correct measurements for the floors and the walls.

Tiger Sheds

Maybe you have a significant other with a little she-shed envy who now wants a man cave. In this case, Tiger Sheds’ post comparing the two structures will help you fill both with sophisticated items that are cool and functional.


UK insurance company Saga deals with plenty of customers with stolen or lost items. Therefore, Sharon Amos’ blog post about keeping your shed secure is worth browsing. With a durable door, alarms, shed locks and tough door screws, you’re more likely to deter those who want to snatch up your she shed valuables.

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