30 Furniture Makers on Twitter You Should Check Out

Furniture Makers On Twitter You Should Follow

30 Furniture Makers On Twitter You Should Check Out

Furniture Makers On Twitter You Should Follow

For many people, their garages are their creative zones. Woodworkers and furniture makers around the world spend whole weekends in their garages working on projects. A proper garage workbench makes this much more feasible!

And there is a lot that goes into building a couch or a chair or an ottoman. If you’re interested in learning about the craft of furniture making, or if you could use some inspiration for your own ongoing work, we’ve found 30 of the most creative furniture makers on Twitter.

Some of them work from their garages while others have studios and other workspaces. All, however, are worth a follow.

And if your garage is not quite up to snuff, see how wood garage cabinets can transform your space into your personal creative dojo. 

Based in the United States

Doucette and Wolfe

Calling the beauty of New Hampshire home, the team of Moriah and Matthew make up Doucette and Wolfe. Moriah has a background in outdoor landscaping while Matthew has followed his passions for woodworking and carpentry. Together, they create informative, easy-to-follow videos on how to create pieces for the home such as end tables or nightstands. Check out their Twitter feed, @FurnitureMaker_, for all their latest updates.

Owen E. Suter

If you have a love for all things old-school, you must visit Owen Suter’s Twitter feed, @owensuters. He and his talented team are motivated by living near such beautiful US landmarks as Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg, creating furniture with a historical twist that looks centuries old.

Eternal Furniture

Brian T. Alpine calls his brand of chairs, tables and other furniture “American modern.” He also has a preference for green, eco-friendly items, as he shares on his Twitter feed, @Brian_Eternal. If you’re in the Boston area, Alpine just got done instructing woodworkers at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in June.

Timothy Clark

Calling himself a chairwright and cabinet maker, Timothy Clark also specializes in making beds, tables, benches, settees, rocking chairs and stools. He prefers native hardwoods and is based in Vermont. As his website states, “Attention to joinery, wood selection, details and ergonomics make for a satisfying finished piece of furniture.” On his Twitter feed, @WindsorChairsVT, he teaches followers how to make the most of tiny brushes on large surfaces and offers a variety of other tips and insights

Andy Brownell

Andy Brownell of Brownell Furniture (@allenworb) in Cincinnati mentions that he studied with Chicago furniture maker Jeff Miller to learn the skills that he puts to use with The Gorilla Glue Company and other businesses that he creates pieces for. Equal parts humor and woodworking advice, Brownell’s Twitter feed includes photos showing off the woods he uses for projects, his handmade finished chairs, and other furniture.


In sunny Long Beach, California, the Quatrine team has proudly produced furniture with American tastes since 1989. These talented artists and woodworkers have put together tables, chairs and more for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. They also have a great eye for design, so you can get some solid advice by following @QuatrineInc.

The Hand & Eye

Named for the team’s dedication to handmade furniture, The Hand & Eye from Brooklyn is led by John Peabody, who works as a photographer and writer, feeding his passion for woodworking on the side. Most tweets you’ll see from @thehandandeye are newsy, but the ones about Peabody’s craft are content-rich: He often points you to his Instagram feed or blog, which is a whimsical and instructional read. If you can’t get to some of the biggest woodworking workshops across the country, Peabody makes up for it with links that fill you in on everything you missed.

Thomas Dumke

Residing in the wonderfully named Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Thomas Dumke makes furniture that is “traditional with a modern flair.” He often participates in furniture exhibitions across the Midwest. You can also gain his insights by following @thomasdumke, where he instructs how to work with various types of wood such as cherry and tiger maple. No wonder Dumke is a Martha Stewart American Made nominee for 2015.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

Having studied at the Thaddeus Stevens Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology program at Philadelphia University’s College of Architecture and the Built Environment, Greg Pilotti achieved his dream of starting his own furniture business. With his headquarters in cozy Chester County, Pennsylvania, Pilotti (@gpilottimaker) takes his time to only exhibit his completed desks, bookcases and end tables on Twitter.

Daniel Hartmann

Building and selling his own furniture in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Daniel Hartmann prefers creating as much as he possibly can with his own two hands. He gets ideas from “Shaker, Campaign, Danish modern and mid-century,” he says. Take a peek into Hartmann’s world via Twitter (@hrtmnstrfr), where he shares previews of his work, happy clients who use his furniture and the tools he does use when he has to.

Pacific Hospitality Design

The class and grandeur of Los Angeles is starkly apparent with Pacific Hospitality Design, a maker of furniture as well as home decor. Doing business since 1979, the company’s rich history comes through in its chic accent furniture — have a look at its vanity tables, coffee tables, dressers, console tables and sideboards. The brand’s Twitter account, @PHDesignInc, is a great introduction.

Matthew Cremona

Minneapolis’ Matthew Cremona says it perfectly on his Twitter: “I love woodworking.” It’s that love that’s allowed him to build an impressive portfolio of simple yet sturdy furniture. Cremona says he prefers to work with woods like walnut and cherry. A mix of the personal and the professional, @MattCremona is a very fun read.

Patrick Harper

Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust is Patrick Harper’s blog, where he unboxes new tools, talks about helpful home equipment and of course introduces his furniture to the world. If you enjoy his posts, you’ll love this Georgia-based craftsman’s Twitter feed, @bloodsweatdust. His tweets also include a boatload of Instagram snapshots as well as musings on all aspects of making furniture.

Huston & Company

With handmade care, the workshop that Huston & Company’s team works from in Maine calls for “traditional joinery and only the finest premium hardwoods.” Those in the Kennebunkport area can visit the company’s showroom; otherwise, simply follow @HustonCo on Twitter. You’ll be in-the-know when it comes to all of the coolest furniture makers and designers in the state.

Based Elsewhere

The Furniture Makers

The Furniture Makers’ Company, @FurnitureMkrsCo, is the British furnishing industry’s charity, which supports the industry by nurturing skills and expertise, helping those in need, and championing excellence. They support students and young professionals with grants, provide support and assistance to industry individuals in need, and recognize quality in the UK furniture industry through the award of the prestigious Guild Marks.

Heliconia Furniture

Christopher Burley is the man responsible for the elegance and charm of the homemade furniture available at Heliconia Furniture. Burley restores old pieces and visits clients’ homes to discuss his office chairs, rockers, tables and lounge chairs. On Twitter (@heliconiadesign), he posts photos showcasing every stage of the design process.

Joseph Kennedy

Having created pieces in Italy, Germany and more, Joseph Kennedy’s website succinctly outlines his one-of-a-kind approach: “Joseph creates meticulously designed, engineered and crafted pieces using intelligent designs that focus on function and productivity whilst retaining the clean lines and lightness that make up his unique style.” @JKDesignerMaker often shows off the various seminars and award events this UK-based woodworker attends for his furniture, giving any fresh woodworker something to aspire to.

Waywood Furniture

The Waywood Furniture team — which consists of Barnaby Scott, Jered Allcock, Simon Smith and Clive Brooks — works out of a pair of Victorian barns to produce their designs. They source plenty of homegrown woods on their 40-acre estate. Check out their Twitter feed, @WaywoodBespoke, to see their furniture making-process, from gathering wood all the way to the finished product.


Handkrafted calls itself “a community marketplace connecting people with passionate makers to commission quality bespoke goods.” If you live in or visit Australia often, you can become a member and use your own furniture knowledge to help others make couches and more. If you’re a little too far away, browse through the directory of many talented Aussie furniture creators and pick up on a few of their methods. Handkrafted’s Twitter, @HandkraftedCo, is also filled with helpful articles, pictures and interviews.

Pippa Murray Design

Royal College of the Arts graduate Pippa Murray prefers to use “sustainable Cumbrian hardwood” for her creations. She’s created bookcases, bedside tables, stools, tea trays, benches, chairs and tables. By following @pippamurray, you can enjoy a treasure trove photos and instructional videos.

Lee Sinclair Furniture

Established in 1974, Lee Sinclair Furniture in Nottinghamshire achieved high ranks in 2005, when The Independent called it the top producer of bespoke furniture in all of England. With experience building whole kitchens, bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms, @ls_furniture is a great source of inspiration if you have a big project ahead.

Storm Furniture

In Suffolk, Terry Croucher and the team at Storm Furniture prefer using only woods and other products that are environmentally-friendly when putting together furniture in their workshop. Croucher graduated from an Ipswich furniture school and happily shares on Twitter (@stormfurniture) all about how he makes wood-veneered lampshades as well as other bespoke lighting options.

Simon Benjamin Furniture

Simon Benjamin has a background in graphic design, which lends itself to designing cabinets and other furniture. See more of his kitchen additions at @SimonBenj; also, check out the links he retweets for decorative tips for your own house.

Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers

The Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers push for one clear goal, “representing furniture designers/makers in the north of England.” If you’re in the area, connect with others through NCFM, or take a look at some of the biggest up-and-coming furniture makers in England by following the group’s Twitter feed, @NorthernMakers.

Sarah Kay

With headquarters in both London and in the Pyrenees, Sarah Kay has been in the furniture-making game since 1996. All her pieces are bespoke, and she prefers working for big name brands around London as well as small personal clients. She has no problem sharing the brilliance of other furniture manufacturers, as she shows on her Twitter feed, @sarahkay_1. Kay also supports women creators of all kinds.

Jamie Hubbard

Jamie Hubbard, an English designer, has created numerous surfboards as well as chopping boards, cabinets and bespoke furniture. His @jam73e Twitter account shows the true life of a furniture maker, from the travel he does to how quickly a furniture maker needs to produce an item to send it off to clients.

Barbara Genda

Another talented bespoke furniture maker in the London area, Barbara Genda’s team does home consultations to help clients figure out their furniture needs. Even if you’re only making pieces for your own family instead of customers, by following @BarbaraGenda, you can learn how whole rooms can look brand new through woodworking and a sense of decor. Genda’s blog is also a can’t-miss.

Childs & Co.

If you have a new addition to the family (or if you plan to have one soon), then you should definitely follow @childsco. Childs & Co. in Kendal, England, specializes in “custom-made furniture for the family home.” Quaint and charming objects such as toy boxes, pegboards, stools and storage boxes for under the bed will win your heart. Learn all about choosing wood and creating child-friendly pieces by hand here, too.

Bridger & Buss

Branching off from Tech-42 Limited, a joinery brand, Bridger & Buss focuses more on environmentally conscious furniture. When the companies combine together, magic happens. You can see a sample of it on Twitter (@Bridger_Buss): amazing solid oak clocks, bamboo mirrors and even shelving with mid-century appeal. Going green never looked so good.

Peter Holmes at Be Seated

Peter Holmes may have worked in the upholstery business for 30 years before becoming the leader of the Be Seated team, but it’s that experience plus the expertise of other furniture makers on his team that allow this brand to stand out. All pieces from this Scottish company are bespoke; Holmes also restores old furniture. Keep @BeSeatedLeith in your list of accounts you follow on Twitter.

Images by:
Jeff Sheldon