Mudders, Rock Bouncers, Trail Riders: 19 Awesome Off-Roading Blogs

Off-Roading Blogs You'll Want To Follow

Hey Mudders, Rock Bouncers, Trail Riders Here Are 19 Awesome Off-Roading Blogs For You

Off-Roading Blogs You'll Want To Follow

Off-roaders race, drive and bounce their ATVs, dune buggies and modified trucks over boulders, across barely passable trails, and through deserts and swamps in the name of good fun.

Making it home with your souped-up SUV or pick-up in more or less one piece takes planning and know-how, which is when advice from other avid off-roaders comes in handy.

We’ve gathered a list of 19 off-roading blogs to interest every ilk, from motocrossers and rock bouncers to mudders and trail riders.

Have fun, and tread lightly!

Additionally, having a well organized garage with proper floor coatings installed will make storing and working on your vehicle a breeze!

Off Road Adventures, Facebook: Last Great Road Trip

A father/son road trip adventure to the Arctic Circle in 2007 started this blog. The team of off-road explorers continue to share their adventures, which take them as far south as the tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico, and everywhere inbetween.

Motorz Blog, Twitter: @motorz

Motorz is an automotive improvement portal, complete with its own TV series. Off-roaders can get excellent tips on new products such as this small scale version of a pickup for off-roading. You can also watch tutorials on modifications, including a teardown and rebuild of a classic 1968 Jeep CJ5 4×4:, Twitter: @OffRoaddotcom

For the true off-road enthusiast, this site offers news, race coverage, reviews and performance tests on just about every vehicle you can drive off-road.

Jeeping, Twitter: @FunJeeps

Jeep owners and enthusiasts can get all things Jeep here, including favorite off-roading places and tips for first-time Jeep owners.

Dirt Rider Magazine, Twitter: @DirtRiderMag

Covering the world of off-road motorcycling and motocrossing, Dirt Rider Magazine features a blog called “Ask Dr. Dirt,” in which Chief Physician Scot Gustafson gives pro tips on everything from fouling plugs to removing clutch slaves.

RCV Performance Blog, Facebook: RCV Performance

Manufacturers of the “strongest axles on the planet,” RCV has a blog on its site full of images of rock bouncing — plus the sometimes catastrophic results.

Four Wheeler, Twitter: @fwmag

From personal stories and pictures (usually of Jeeps on their sides) to off-road news, cool videos and event coverage, you’ll get your fix on all things 4×4 here., Facebook:

With an active forum, industry news and events posts, land use information, product reviews, tech articles, and trail reports, Pirate4x4 may well live up to its claim that it’s the “largest off-roading website in the world.”

Torq Blog, Facebook: Torq Axle

Manufacturers of off-road axles, Torq’s blog is really more of a vlog, with experts explaining the differences between gear and videos showing 4×4 runs, like this one in Moab on the Kane Creek Trail.

CJC Off Road, Facebook: CJC Off Road

Whatever an off-road enthusiast might need, CJC likely has it or can get it. Founded by off-roaders, they share the passion, and their blog is stuffed with rebuild projects they’re working on.

Can-Am Blog, Twitter: @CanAm

Makers of Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side off-road vehicles, Can-Am’s blog includes what’s new in the way of products, brings readers race overviews and trail safety reports, and features how-to posts like Seven Essentials for Mud Riding.

North Shore Off-Road, Twitter: @NSOffroad

This Canadian supplier of 4×4 accessories has a Tech Tuesday series on its blog, with advice such as what tools to carry when you’re out on a trail, and how that list might differ if you tend to go out with the same group every weekend.

Carli Suspension, Facebook: Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension caters to the most extreme off roaders, and the technical advice found on the company’s blog is expert. It’s all about innovation and how you view the world: “You see it as Grandpa’s truck, we see it as an 8k lbs Dune Buggy that doesn’t spill your coffee on the freeway,” the team writes.

Speed Society, Facebook: Speed Society

Spend some time here and you’ll find off-road videos showing trucks climbing rock walls, Hummers neck deep in the ocean, and crashes and beat downs galore.

No Car No Fun!, Twitter: @NoCarNoFun

For those of us who can’t live without our cars, this site is great. In posts related to off-roading, you’ll see an electric off-road skateboard, a solution for getting your truck out of the mud, and some Can-Am ATVs playing in the snow.

Legendary Speed, Twitter: @LegendarySpeed

Dedicated to all things that go fast, Legendary Speed features some off-road posts that include a look at a trackchair that lets people with mobility problems enjoy off-roading adventures. There’s also a compilation video of the Ultra Bouncer, a custom-built, off-road machine that is simply amazing to watch.

ATV Rider, Facebook: ATV Rider Magazine

From tests and how-tos, with incredible pictures and real-life information, ATV Rider has a bit of everything for ATV off-roaders.

TTW, Facebook: Texas Truckworks

They build 4x4s at TTW, and have been doing so since 1977. Their blog reflects the fact that trucks are part of a lifestyle, one that isn’t just for the guys!

Off Road Xtreme, Facebook: Off Road Xtreme

No matter how you play in the dirt (trail riding, rock crawling, off-road racing or sand dragging), ORX will have something for you. It’s a digital magazine that brings you useful content and great photography in the manner of traditional print publications, except it’s free.

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