10 Smart And Space-Saving Storage Solution You May Not Know About

If you struggle with home storage space, there are a number of cool ideas that make things easier. Wall-mounted storage solutions work for everything from jewelry to bicycles to TV sets. A wall bed can save even more room, but if that's impractical, try built-in storage, such as pull-out drawers underneath the bed. In the kitchen, there are many useful accessories dedicated to saving space, including slide-out racks for pots and pans. These are just some of the clever ways to maximize storage space in your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Putting things like bikes, jewelry storage, the tv, and even the bed on the wall can help save space.
  • In the kitchen, sliding racks and under cabinet storage solutions can be helpful.
  • A bed has many storage options such as shelves built into the headboard or drawers under a platform bed.

“The contents of drawers almost always end up looking messy which is less than ideal. A solution can be to make a drawer organizer that lets you create separate compartments for different types of items”

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