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Slat Wall and Accessories

Free up your cluttered floor space with HandiWALL™ Slat Wall Panels & Accessories, our flexible, wall-hung shelving storage solution. These garage wall organizers are great for keeping everything from garden equipment to toys to bicycles off your floor. As your need grows, additional panels can be added.

​HandiWALL™ slat wall features heavy-duty interlocking panels of a blended cellular PVC material and is 100% recyclable. Select from eight attractive colors to blend with any decor. The panel material is solid color, so it will not fade or wear off over time. Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, HandiWALL™ will last a lifetime. Slat wall panels are 12 inches high and 8 foot long. Matching trim moulding and screws included.

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WorkSpace Slat Wall Panels

HandiWALL is also available as WorkSpace Slat Wall Panels, an over-the-counter solution for use with standard configurations of our WorkSpace Cabinets. WorkSpace Slat Wall Panels are designed to fit between the upper cabinets and the counter top and are a great place to hang items, such as small hand tools, for quick and easy access. For a complete list of available accessories (hooks, baskets, bins, etc.) download the Slat Wall Accessories PDF to the right. Panels are 17-3/8" high and are cut in 32", 64", 81", and 96" lengths to match the standard counter top lengths. They are also available for purchase separately. WorkSpace Slat Wall Panels are available in eight colors and are shipped assembled with matching trim and screws. Simply fasten to your wall and you're ready to go.

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Slat Wall Accessories

A large selection of shelves, hooks and pegs is available to complete your storage system. Standard kits are also available with a pre-selected assortment of accessories.

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For a complete list of slatwall accessories visit our ONLINE STORE.


Installing slat wall is extremely easy. Starting from the bottom, level and fasten each panel with the included screws. Each additional panel locks in place with the one below. Continue with all panels until complete. Install trim.

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